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Sep 1, 2013 02:48 PM

Silly question: Do you cook differently when 'dating' vs. when 'committed'?

Dating: I cooked company food, cute food.

Living together: I cook food I grew up with (slowly adding to the company menu).

Engaged: we're having hamburger patties with gravy baked in the oven.

I'm not slurring the hamburgers--I'm really looking forward to them--but I've noticed I cook more down-home.... not getting any complaints, and I don't think he's noticed the change.

How does your cooking style change?

ETA: I read this to him, and he said: "Why would I complain if someone else is cooking?"

I could not be with a person who is not open to food adventures! :-)

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  1. Crack open a couple of cervezas and you will be legally wed soon :)

    P.S. I brought out my full menu [down home cooking] after my wife and I were dating a few months.

    1. Truthfully, it didn't change a lot....maybe because we were both older when we married (I was 34 and he 39). He knew he was marrying a food lover, and I knew I was marrying a guy who loved homestyle cooking and who had a good appetite.

      1. Sure!

        When dating I'm learning about the person's taste and preferences and (hopefully few) aversions. I keep menus simple at first so any nervousness or distraction doesn't spoil the preparations. At this stage awkward dishes - food in teeth, strong flavors - are generally avoided.

        Once serious/committed the initial nervousness is well over and I know I won't mess up a dish due to butterflies. This becomes a time of learning and sharing memories and traditions, many food related so the menu expands in many directions. Time spent with a partner at this point involves much of life's mundane activities like laundry, car repair. Day to day cooking is often simpler, faster, less expensive than dating fare - but it tastes even better since it's shared with love!

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          Okay, I can agree with some of this. Perhaps I would cook dishes more on the "safe side" while dating.

        2. Not really much difference in the way I cook dating versus commited. I've never been married, but I did live with an ex that I was with for 5 years. I just cook good food that we both can enjoy regardless of the stage of our relationship.

          However, now that I'm single, I will say that I cook a lot less. Not as much fun to cook for only yourself. I usually invite over a friend for dinner if I'm looking to cook anything elaborate.

          1. While we were dating, I once cooked Cornish hens for dinner with my now-husband. He picked at his, and admitted that he didn't really care for it, so I stopped preparing them.

            Years later, he was in grad school, we were on a very tight budget, and Cornish hens were on sale, so I apologetically bought two and roasted them for dinner. He loved his and ate every bite. When I asked him what had changed, he admitted that while dating, he was trying to use his best manners and eat with a knife and fork. Once married, he had no qualms about ripping the bird apart with his hands and letting the grease drip.