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Sep 1, 2013 02:25 PM

What would you make? Cocktail with cantaloupe puree.

I got two gorgeous canteloupes in my CSA this week, that started to go bad because I wasn't using them right away. I decide to just puree them and strain so I could use over the course of the week for agua fresca and drinks. Tomorrow we're hosting a labor day BBQ so I was thinking of making an alcohol cocktail using the puree. I can't decide between a vodka drink and a tequila drink (or something else?). Any thoughts as to which would be better with canteloupe? I've seen a lot of canteloupe margarita recipes but also was thinking that water + vodka would make a delicious alcoholic agua fresca. Any input appreciated!

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  1. I had folks over for Sunday brunch two weeks ago, and we had cantaloupe cocktails! I had pureed the cantaloupe with mint. Folks had it with lime mineral water, gin, or cava. All were really well received. Vodka and tequila also sound good, though.

      1. I second the tequila recommendation. Here's one from Chris Bostick of the Varnish in L.A.:

        Marigold Ofrenda
        2 oz Reposado Tequila
        1 oz Lime Juice
        3/4 oz Curacao or Triple Sec
        1/2 oz Light Agave Nectar
        4 oz Cantaloupe (peeled, chopped)
        1/8 tsp Chile de Arbol Powder (Ancho Chili Powder)

        Muddle cantaloupe, agave nectar, and orange liqueur. Add rest of ingredients and ice, shake, and double strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with an edible marigold flower.

        To read more:

        1. I made a good drink with rum, canteloupe and ginger. That was pretty good. I'd say go with tequila but that's because I don't care for vodka and I like my cocktails a bit complex and to taste like something more then their parts.