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Sep 1, 2013 02:11 PM

Eating around Carmel questions...

As I've said in another thread, work problems prevented us from the usual planning we do for trips, thus, I am late to the table so to speak! We will be in Carmel this Friday through Sunday. I've tried searching the board for restaurant suggestions, but there's not much up to date. We are staying outside of Carmel at the Tickle Pink Inn. We like most foods. I looked at Cassonova, but some of the other site reviews say it has gone somewhat downhill.
Would appreciate any suggestions for restaurants and for places to pick up picnic food. I think we will be doing some hiking and a tour, so will be occupied in the daytime, but need places for dinner or drinks and snacks. Please help us 2 overworked people!

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  1. Your post will be moved to the California board. Check for it here,

    And you'll want to do some reading there for the Carmel area.

    1. If you're willing to take a nice drive out of Carmel, go to Big Sur one evening and have dinner either at Deetjen's or Nepenthe.

      Right next to Tickle Pink is Highlands Inn, a nice place for drinks because of the view. However, whenever I stay at Tickle Pink I like to open a bottle of wine or bubbly and enjoy the incredible view from the patio of my room. It's been years since I've eaten at Highland Inn's upscale Pacific Edge restaurant and their more casual place (I forget the name--Market something?), but back before Hyatt took over the hotel, both restaurants were great.

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        It's been a couple of years since I've eaten at Pacific's Edge too but I found it disappointing then.

        In Carmel, I like Mundaka, Basil and La Balena.

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          I wouldn't drive to Big Sur at night...go for lunch at Sierra Mar at my fave Post Ranch Inn..
          Pacific Edge, imo, is best for drinks and apps at sunset.
          Passionfish in PG is great for fish and a great half bottle list for cheap.

          Cantinetta Luna, La Bicyclette and Anton & Michel have been quite good.

        2. We have been very pleased with our meals at Little Napoli this year. Grasing's is another one to check out in downtown Carmel as well as Demetra Cafe. :)

          1. Just got back from a two night stay. We ate at Basil the first night and enjoyed it. I had the poussin which came in a very rich sauce that would have stood up to a big red. Wife had the sole and she enjoyed it a lot as well.

            Second day we had lunch at Aw Shucks. Decent, reasonably priced place with solid bar food. I had the burger, which was good. Didn't care for the fires though. Wife had the soup(chowder) and sandwich (tuna) combo which she liked. She indicated it was one of the better tuna sandwiches she had had in a while.

            Dinner that night was at Dementra. Solid choice and we both loved it. We shared a plate of dolmas which were excellent. Most often these turn out to be hard pills stuffed with an unflavorful rice. These were full of flavor and I'd order them again. Wife had the lamb shank. Quite good but cooked different than I'm used to. It was cooked to the point that it had a ropa vieja texture. I had the lamb chops which were properly.