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Jul 20, 2004 06:43 PM

Rocco's Grill in Austin?

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Two weeks ago I asked if anyone had been here yet and I'm surprised not to yet get an opinion (one thing no one here seems shy to share). So any opinions yet?


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  1. I have not been, but I have heard favorable comments from friends that live at the lake. It was nice to see that they are opening another location on W.6th this fall. I think it is where Ninfa's is(now closed), but I'm not positive.

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    1. re: Frank M

      Thanks! Maybe we'll hear more from other folks.

      1. re: AustinJohn

        Went to Rocco's at the Lake about six months afer it opened and wasn't very impressed.

        As I recall i liked my veal marc. but hubbie got something that ended up being really, really horrible enough that it discouraged us from ever going back.

        1. re: amysuehere

          Thanks a million for posting. Based on your comments and suggestions in the past - which I've found excellent - I believe I'll give Rocco's a pass.

      2. re: Frank M

        I have not been either. But as for 6th Street, I read somewhere that the Ninfa's location is indeed becomming a Rocco's. When I was at lunch in the area yesterday, there were men with sledge hammers tearing down the top part of that building, so renovations are underway.

      3. I drifted over to the eGullet board and they're suggesting an evening at Rocco's but no one has been there yet!! What does all this mean (if anything)?


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          What does it mean?? My guess is location. I make it to Lakeway maybe once a year, max. So I suspect there might be more people offering up comments after the 6th St location opens.

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            Rocco's Grill Downtown is open on 6th street where the old Ninfa's was and the food and atmosphere are great. They have great happy hour appetizer and drink specials. I meet the owner when I had dinner with some friends and it is a family owned and operated and I think that is what makes it stand out from other resturants in Austin. You should give it a try they were voted in the top 26 best resturants in Austin for the past two years and they haven't even been open for three years. Try the Bella Baci's!

          2. no reply? Well I hope you went without one. Great family run rest.....go and enjoy!