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Sep 1, 2013 01:43 PM

Indian Food: Important Question......(please help!!!) - FFLD. CNTY.

If you had to choose between Bangalore or Coromandel, both in Fairfield/Southport, CT. for tonight's dinner, which would you pick?? I hear okay things about both, but I would love to hear your preference! Thanks....
( I need to choose one! )

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  1. Both have very good food. Both have equally ugly decor, has a 20% off coupon for Coromandel (Orange location, but they probably will honor it in Fairfield county).

    The naan bread is better at Bangalore

    1. I live in the area and have tried both. They're ok, but you need to tell them to cook everything like they have it at home. When they laugh, smile and assure them you mean it & want the "real stuff".
      Have fun!

      1. Go a bit further south to Mumbai Times- far superior to both

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            Post road in Westport, where Bombay used to be.

          2. re: Ima Foodie

            Has anyone tried the Mumbai Times that opened in Cos Cob?