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Sep 1, 2013 11:03 AM

Chow Recipes that Receive Lots of Negative Reviews

I was browsing through the High Holidays recipe feature and, besides the Chanukah & Passover recipes that somehow wandered in there by mistake a couple of months early, I saw "Spiced Honey Cake with Caramelized Figs."

This cake got a *lot* of negative reviews.

Nobody who's tried it over the past 5 years seems to have liked it.

Does Chow ever discard recipes -- or at least modify them -- based on reader reviews?

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  1. Hi almond tree, here in the CHOW Test Kitchen we do revisit recipes often and update them either to photograph them, or as you mentioned, when there are questionable reviews. We don't discard recipes, but have done revisions on recipes that had major problems.
    In this recipe's case, there are really only 2 negative reviews, 1 person had an odd outcome, and 1 really liked it. If the CHOW Test Kitchen team (3 people) had time, we'd retest and update everything with a bad review!
    But do know, we definitely take into consideration all of the comments and reviews on each recipe, so keep posting!
    Amy Wisniewski, CHOW Test Kitchen/Food Editor

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      Thanks for your reply. Maybe I will try the recipe and see what kind of results I get.