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Sep 1, 2013 09:27 AM

Massive Chinese Counterfeit Wine Ring Busted with 7,000 Fake Cases

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  1. Does not surprise me. China is an expanding market, and is buying up wines, as quickly, as is possible.

    I talked to three producers in Burgundy, who had been approached by a representative from China. She ONLY wanted 1er Cru wines, and wanted to buy 100% of their production, plus at a fair price. Two refused, and one offered about 50% of his production, if she would take some of his lesser vineyard production. She refused, saying that her clients would ONLY buy 1er Cru, and that she wanted exclusive worldwide distribution. No deal with any of those three, but I do not know about any others.

    As mentioned in another Burgundy/China thread, there are Chinese agents buying up a lot of the property, plus the buildings and wineries.

    For the rest of the world, the wines of Burgundy might one day be only a memory - same for Bordeaux (fake, or otherwise).


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      Stop. You're breaking my heart . . . truly. All the more so for the fact that you are correct!