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Sep 1, 2013 08:04 AM

Euro Delights Bakery and Cafe

Passing through Skippack Village I noticed a Grand Opening Banner for Euro Delights Bakery and Cafe. It had most recently been a cup cake shop selling $3.00 cup cakes and lousy coffee. Any one in that area been there or have more information?

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  1. Stopped in Euro Delights today for cake and coffee. The venue is very pleasant, friendly owner and server. Definitely a nice addition to the little towns main street/route 73W. The display of pastry, cup cakes and cakes look great. I had a coffee cake which was large and quite good. The coffee was ok. I think my standards may be a bit off/higher than just average joe for a cup of joe; it was however a bottomless cup. They do server lunch, which I can not comment upon. Worth a stop for sure if visiting the village or if a local looking for a nice casual spot.