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Sep 1, 2013 07:18 AM

What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are you lusting after? September 2013 edition!

So...back to school and some of us may have more time on our hands to seek out and enjoy new cookbooks...I will have to squeeze them into a rather busy work schedule, but you know I will...what's floating your culinary lit boat these days? LOTS of new releases coming up.

PS if you're interested in Japanese food, I highly recommend "Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo" by Matthew Amster-Burton, a travel memoir featuring his daughter Iris, who seems a Lulu type to me (she may even enjoy the book herself?). Humorous (I cracked up on the train several times) and non-cloying (no Cooking With Dexter-style excesses, shame on you, Pete Wells). MOST enjoyable.

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  1. The Food of Vietnam by Luke Nguyen is on my buy list

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      Have you tried any of Andrea Nguyen's books? They are my favorites. She also has a website that is full of info on cooking Vietnamese food.

      1. re: Candy

        I took Andrea Nguyen's Asian dumpling class today at Love Apple Farm in the Santa Cruz mountains. She is an excellent teacher...organized, makes everyone feel comfortable, good instructions, warm and funny.

        I'm looking forward to using her dumpling book.

    2. Waiting for Mighty Spice Express to come out in the US. Now that I have cleared out more than 5 boxes of books, I think I can buy at least a book or two without guilt.

      1. I haven't bought anything in the past few weeks and am trying not to until much later in the fall. I looked at the Eater Fall Cookbook Preview but, honestly, I didn't see anything that really excited me.

        The only one I want to check out is Anne Burrell's new one, Own Your Kitchen. And I mean check it out of the library to see if it is going to be as big of a disappointment as her first one, Cook Like A Rock Star. I still regret buying that one.

        1. I just saw a recipe from Raghavan Iyer's "Indian Cooking Unfolded" discussed on Serious Eats and nabbed the Kindle book for $9.99. 10 ingredient or less "easy" Indian recipes.

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            I've read that the recipes seem as if they're American w an Indian twist. Still, I am mildly interested. It's indexed on EYB:


          2. Looks like Paleo is the way to go in 2014. Here's the current soon to be released list from Amazon:


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            1. re: Gio

              Yet another diet program? I don't think you saw my post of FB about a bookstore in Birmingham, AL. It was an amazing used book store, the owner said he had books going back to the 1500s. DH and I headed first to the cookbooks. There was an overwhelming number of diet books that had been off loaded by previous dieters.

              1. re: Gio

                love when these Paleo cookbooks include stuff like coconut flour and other junk to make "cupcakes".
                I always picture some cavemen sat around a fire baking a few cupcakes.

                1. re: kimeats

                  I'm so glad I wasn't drinking something when I read your post, kimeats, since it wold be coming out of my nose right now. Beyond lol!

                  1. re: roxlet

                    "Tasty mastadon, hon."
                    "Shall we finish with a cupcake? Made with real coconuts!"
                    "When do we invent flour?"

                2. re: Gio

                  Thanks for posting this list Gio. Luckily, I got through it without clicking any buttons. I was actually looking for a Paleo book so I immediately started paging through, but nothing caught my eye. I've recently started seeing a healthy aging doctor (isn't that a depressing sentence?) and his first piece of advice was for me to adopt a Paleo way of eating for the rest of my life. Not because I need to lose weight or because I am aging, but because everyone should be eating this way.

                  Diabetes runs in my family and though I am very fit for my age, I still carry extra weight around my middle. As a result, my insulin levels are in the "pay attention to this" range. So I am. I have been eating paleo for the past 27 days and I can honestly say it has made a huge difference in the way I feel. I've already retested my sugar levels, and my #s dropped considerably, so I know this is the right choice for me, long term. It is a little hard to get used to avoiding grains, refined sugar, and starchy veggies, but now that I am onboard, I think I can live this way.

                  As for the coconut flour....if you could no longer eat grains you would be posting recipes for coconut flour cupcakes too!

                  1. re: Gio

                    Keep hearing about Paleo . . .Eat to Lose Eat to Win (my favorite breakfasts) and Eat to Live work for me:



                    1. re: financialdistrictresident

                      If you are going to research Paleo, also research Primal. Primal makes a little more sense to me. That is what I am doing.