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Sep 1, 2013 06:56 AM

Rehearsal Dinner at Mexican Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

We will be around 80-90 people and are looking for a fun restaurant for our rehearsal dinner. Mexican food, beer and margaritas. Nothing fancy, just good mexican food and fun. Our wedding will be on the beach so would prefer not to have a beach location dinner for the rehearsal dinner. Any suggestions? The wedding is April 2014.

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  1. Tough one, as not many places seat that many, and not all reserve the whole restaurant. I have been to rehearsal dinners at La Casa del Agua, which is at 5th Ave & 2nd St,. they have a nice airy upstairs that can be reserved, but our groups were about 50-60, I'm not sure it could handle 80-90. Are you sure that many will attend a wedding in Mexico? You really need a good head count.
    Wicky's could manage a group of that size using both the indoor and outdoor dining areas. It's on the beach at 10th st, somewhat pricey.
    I attended another rehearsal dinner at the Rosewood Mayakoba at their Agave Azul restaurant, they are definitely equipped for groups that size. It's where the PGA tournament is played in February, but I give it good grades for food and service. A problem with anything even a short distance from Playa is moving that many people, the Mayakoba is about 8 KM north.
    Is your wedding party all staying at one place in Playa?