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Sep 1, 2013 06:23 AM

Quick-cook steel cut oats vs. old-fashioned oats?

I would like to try a granola bar recipe which calls for "old-fashioned oats". However, I have TJ's quick-cook steel cut oats.
Can I use what I have (ie. the steel-cut, quick-cook)? If so, do I need to adjust the amount, time baked,etc?
Thanks for any help
Also, if anyone has a granola recipe using steel-cut quick cut, I'd love it!!

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  1. Old Fashioned Oats are partially cooked and flattened.

    I don't think one can use steel cut oats in granola unless the oats were cooked with water, then seasoned and dried, then broken up. I think in package form, steel cut oats will be hard on the teeth.

    1. Its fine, swap in the same measurement, no changes needed. The quick cook steel cut oats have already been partially cooked so they are fine, you would not be able to swap with regular steel cut IMO

      1. Since these responses seem to contradict each other, I am bumping this up to see if I get more thoughts.

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          Steel cut oatmeal won't absorb the liquids and will remain hard in the granola bar. It does work but isn't the same. I've had better luck soaking it in the liquid first, in baked goods, and then proceeding but old fashioned still makes a better final product. The quick cooking steel cut seems to be more finely ground but TJ's does not say why theirs is quicker cooking. I don't think it's precooked at all.

        2. Here is a recipe that uses steel cut oats -
          I have not tried but sounds good.

          1. 'old-fashioned oats' are the regular rolled oats (oatmeal), not the instant kind that just need water. Did you ever nibble those raw? If so, try your TJ cut oats. Compare the texture.

            I suspect your bar recipe does not call for much liquid, just enough to 'stick' the oats together. Try to imagine your cut oats being cooked in the same way. I suspect they will remain too hard.