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Sep 1, 2013 03:06 AM

First Time in Point Pleasant Beach!?

So my first question is where can I get doughnuts? And 2nd what food choices are on the boardwalk!? Thanks!!!!

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  1. For doughnuts, try Mueller's Bakery in Bay Head - one town south of PP.

    On the Boardwalk, I find there are a few things/places I used to like best. First, there's Chippy's French Fries - I like 'em with both ketchup and vinegar. Next, there's Little Mac's where you gan get a variety of standard BW fare - sausage & pepper sandwiches, raw clams, grilled burgers, even decent slice pizza. Last, but not least, there's a place kind of across from Little Mac's that makes waffles stuffed with ice cream - nice way to end a day.

    I should note, by way of simple caveat, that I have not eaten on the PP Boardwalk during the "season" for a coupla years. The places I mentioned, however, were still serving worthwhile summer fun food last September. Moreover, I'd avoid the crowded nonsense of Martell's and the main Jenks if I was looking for a drink and, instead, head further north to the outside bar by the Inlet.

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      I tend to avoid jenks during the season too but worth mentioning if you sit at their place on the water, I love the black and tan onion rings. Probably the only good thing on the menu and of course they go great with a frosty beer.

    2. As usual, MGZ gives some good suggestions. I still feel that the best thing to eat on a Jersey BW is a sausage sandwich followed by a soft serve custard cone.

      Also, walking down the BW, past the aquarium, and all the way down to the inlet will get you to good ice cream, decent bars, and better seafood ( Shrimp Box ).

      If you want a chowier experience and don't mind a 20 minute drive, a new place opened up rt 34 from PPB that has cronuts. Search this board for DOCO and you will be rewarded with a very tasty treat.

      1. I can't speak to donuts, but Mueller's is known for their coffee cake, which is more crumb than cake and VERY good.

        If you're game to drive a bit, Mossuto's (technically in Wall, iirc) is a wonderful Italian market and restaurant.

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          Mueller's iced crumb cake is amazing! I also would recommend their iced brownies as well.