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Lay's Do us a Flavour - any good?

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what are your ratings on the 4 flavours? (caesar, grilled cheese, maple moose, perogy) some of us don't - or shouldn't - eat enough chips to try them all :)

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  1. I tried the perogy one, it wasn't very memorable; Not very flavourful. I hear the maple moose is pretty good.

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      I hated the moose; I had one and the aftertaste was terrible....

      1. re: Shimso

        it tasted like burnt metal to me for some reason. ick.

    2. I had the caesar. At first I thought it tasted like sour cream and onion, but the more I ate, the more the caesar dressing came through. And that's exactly what they taste like...kraft caesar vinaigrette. If you like that, then you'll like these. I personally wasn't a fan.

      1. My kids got excited about these, so w have tried them all. Most ended up in the garbage.
        Perogy platter was our favourite but tasted a lot like sour cream and onion. Caesar was our second choice but none of us had more than a couple of chips. None of us like maple moose or grilled cheese. Maple moose was more of a sweet BBQ flavour. However a friend who is trying to go gluten free was really excited about the grilled cheese flavour. She felt like she was getting the flavour of the bread from the chips. We were happy to leave the bag with her!

        1. i have tried all four flavors, kinda liked the maple moose,perogy and Caesar flavours but i thought the grilled cheese was horrid. the only company i know that does chip/crisp flavors properly is Walkers chips from Britain. their Moroccan lamb was one of the best Ive had from them.

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            Lay's and Walkers are the same company.

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              no they are not the same, they are both owned by pepsico yes but they are not the same. Krispy Kreme, Dairy Queen and Subway subs are all owned by McDonalds but i wouldn't call the the same either..
              Walkers has a way of getting the flavors of their chips to taste exactly as they are printed on the package unlike lays where the flavor seems to be an approximate if you think about it hard enough.

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                Not sure about this post. Is that a typo? McDonald's, Subway, Dairy Queen and KK are all separate companies. They are not all owned by McDonald's.

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                  Yeah, I thought McDonald's opened chipotle to compete with subway?

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                      You really can't believe what you read wherever you read it. Not to mention on such shady looking sites! Wikis are crap without further validation. Do your own research. ;-)

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                        check out what they own on that site now! Anyone can add our change anything.

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                          According to the NYSE MCD is currently only McDonald's stores.

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                            Well I know they got out of Chipotle quite a few years ago. Same with Boston Market. I didn't realize they are back to only being McDonald's.

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                            They even have Burgers Priest on that list...so yeah it's a very credible list...

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                            I believe they bought into an already existing Chipotle and expanded and sold off.

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                              They sold it in 2006 I think. The SO and I sometimes go into Wikipedia holes on stuff like this. Once we did a soft drink one and including checking sources it lasted six hours. The thing we do on our days off when the kids not around :) Anyhoo sorry for the off topic sub thread!

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                      I assume you mean "flavours that taste like something else"? I like Tyrells, especially the Mature Cheddar & Chives, but they don't taste of anything other than crisps with cheese an chives.

                      Trying to avoid eating any...

                    3. I won't support any freeze dried, concocted, chemical flavors with a purchase.

                      Other people's however, I don't mind one or two . Or a few.

                      1. They are all uninteresting. The worst was Maple Moose, which tasted neither of maple or moose. The others ranged from uninspired to repulsive.

                        I bought all four flavours and we taste-tested them at the office. Some people actually spit out the Maple Moose.

                        1. The "Caesar" tasted like sour cream n' onion..fail
                          The "Grilled Cheese tasted like ketchup chips with a hint of cheese..fail..
                          Also I thought "Poutine" was one of the top choices?

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                            I thought the "Caesar" tasted like sour cream and onion as well, until I ate more of them, and then they tasted exactly like cheap bottled Caesar vinaigrette.

                          2. Unfortunately our two bags ended up in the garbage - grilled cheese was awful, and the caesar wasn't much better. So disappointing....

                            1. Oddly I enjoyed the grilled cheese, I thought the tomato/cheese combo was novel, unlike pierogi platter which seemed another variation on sour cream and bacon. Nothing to crave or buy again though.

                              1. Tried the grilled cheese variety and found it rather underwhelming.


                                1. Maple sounds the most appealing IMO, but then again I'm a big fan of anything maple

                                  1. ok thanks, it sounds like none of them is anything to write home about. the poutine idea sounds great. i missed the whole contest. i would have submitted an idea that is not based on or derivative of any existing canadian chip flavours (as far as i know).

                                    on a related note, i noticed that my local store started stocking irresistibles brand "30% thicker cut" rippled kettle chips in barbeque and honey dijon flavours.

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                                      They also have plain ones. Nothing but potato, sunflower oil and salt.

                                    2. I liked the perogy flavour. Subtle bacon and sour cream taste.

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                                        I liked them too. I could taste the bacon, but it wasn't as overpowering as it is in bacon chips.

                                        Tried the grilled cheese and didn't mind them, but couldn't eat more than a couple before getting tired of them.

                                      2. I tried all of them, except the perogy. Maple moose was weird..I noticed on the package it contains sweeteners which just isn't what I want in a chip.
                                        Grilled cheese and ceaser were ok...I don't think I'd choose either as a 'first choice' in the snack aisle
                                        I was hoping to see a Ceaser cocktail or pulled pork flavour!

                                        1. Lays has different flavours in the US. I was in Maine this summer and they have chicken and waffles, cheesie garlic bread and sriracha. Chicken and waffles tasted vaguely maple syrup-y but that was about it. We ate it but it was a bit of a struggle. The cashier at Hannaford's recommended the garlic cheese bread which apparently won the contest.

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                                          1. re: crawfish

                                            " I was in Maine this summer and they have chicken and waffles"

                                            Damn! That was one of my submissions(+Buttermilk Fried Chicken and a few others)
                                            I'm sure it's a daunting task to try and get all the subtle flavors of some of these recipes on a chip..

                                          2. They were all pretty uninspiring.

                                            Caesar was the least adventuresome, but boring.
                                            Grilled cheese had an aftertaste of grilled cheese. Boring.
                                            Maple moose actually tasted like the two flavours combined. My favourite, of a weak set of choices.
                                            Perogis were horrible. I actually could not tell what the flavour was supposed to be. My least favourite.