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Aug 31, 2013 07:26 PM

Best Chinese in LA???

Going to OC for vacation. Looking for authentic Chinese. Good easy lunch stop. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!!

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  1. I wonder how many posts this thread will have a week from now.

    1. DragothePuppy, can you provide more information:
      * Are you looking for Chinese in Los Angeles County or the city of Los Angeles?
      * What type of Chinese food are you looking for? A specific dish / range of dishes? Food from a particular region or a style of cooking? Americanized-Chinese?
      * When you say "easy lunch stop" are you looking for fast in / fast out or ... ?

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      1. re: ElsieDee

        Worse yet, poster is going to the OC for vaction and looking for good Chinese.
        Irvine would be my suggestion as to locale, yet not familiar with its ever-changing Chinese dining scene.
        But there are MANY options at either the Culver or Walnut offramps from either the 5 or 405 Freeways.

        1. re: carter

          Yes, I was wondering about the being in Orange County, too. That's a rather large space (though my guess is a visit to Mouseland). Maybe up the 5 to the 605 and off around Valley Blvd.?

      2. Just looking for great Chinese in LA, no specific type of Chinese, just authentic.

        Staying in Huntington Beach and willing to travel. It will be just two of us, no mouseland visits here...

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        1. re: DragothePuppy

          That's a loaded question. Authentic can mean some things you really might not want to try like fermented stinky tofu, chicken feet, or innards.

        2. looking at your limited posting history, are you from WI? my sister lives in brookfield near milwaukee and yes, there is a major dearth of good chinese restaurants there, but it is also rare for anyone from that area to be familiar with anything beyond cantonese regional cuisine or something vaguely "northern" that's usually very spicy. there's a lot more regional chinese diversity to be found here in LA from a culinary standpoint.

          there will be a few decent restaurants to be found in OC, but it's my take that if you are going to be in OC and want a "good easy lunch stop" there will be few if any valid suggestions. to get authentic chinese you will need to go where there are larger concentrations of immigrant/1st-2nd generation chinese. in LA this means travelling to the san gabriel valley (hereafter referred to as the SGV) to cities such as alhambra, monterey park, san gabriel, arcadia, rosemead, rowland heights, etc.

          you are likely to get more helpful responses if you do a bit of due diligence here. using the search function and "best" "chinese" & "SGV" as search objects will bring up plenty of suggestions for you. if you are able to specify any regional cuisine (or any specific type of dish) in particular this may help narrow down your choices. ultimately, it will also give you access to info already shared by CHers who may be reluctant to respond to your post because questions like this get asked fairly often and the answers can be found using the search function and judicious use of search objects. if you post requiring clarification on something someone's posted, CHers are generally pretty good on responding to that.

          hope this helps.

          1. Here is similar request just 2 months ago. The recs from that thread should keep you busy: