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Sunday Brunch in Providence that's not Nick's or Julian's

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Did a search on "Sunday Brunch in Providence" but all the comments seemed to be at least a year or two old....sometimes more.

And most of them boiled down (sorry for the bad pun) to either Nick's or Julian's ---- both of which are probably fine choices although Nick's sounds more like our kind of place than Julian's.

Anyhow, we'll be in the area on Sunday, September 22nd and I was wondering what the latest up-to-the-minute thinking was on Sunday brunch choices. We'll have a car so it doesn't have to be within walking distance of any particular location around Providence.

Pluses --- unique (different from what we have back home in NJ since this is a vacation) / interesting / nice / casual / friendly / traditional

Minuses --- stuffy / pretentious / formal / overly expensive [but $ not a huge problem if it's worth what you pay] / overly eclectic.

What say you ?

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  1. Well, there's a reason why Nick's and Julians are the names on everyone's lips! They're both great for brunch! I'd seriously consider Nick's in particular. Other places that don't get mentioned as much...I'm a huge fan of Olga's Cup & Saucer. Also good times at Cook & Brown Public House, North (though I heard they cancelled brunch--can anyone confirm?), and The Grange. I think it's safe to say any of these places offer a pretty low-key, unique, and pleasant atmosphere (in terms of Sunday brunch which can be hectic at any good place.). Based on your description, I think that Julian's and probably North are not good fits (perhaps too "eclectic"?) Cook & Brown, Olga's, the Grange, or Nick's should fit the bill--interesting and tasty, but you can still get eggs and toast and whatnot. The Grange is vegetarian, but it's a great meal in a unique atmosphere, so don't let that put you off.

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      I have to agree with the above post. Unless anything has changed, in my mind it's still Nicks, then Julian's, then Modern Diner, then everyone else. And you should consider the Modern Diner in Pawtucket, although NJ is the land of diners (or at least used to be when I travelled there long ago).

      I've heard complementary things about brunch at Aspire (at the Hotel Providence downtown) and at the Bluefin (at the Marriott downtown), but haven't been to either myself.

      Lots of other places are "fine,"with Rue de L'espoir and Brickway on Wickenden, both on the East Side, being the kings of that class in my mind.

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        north is no longer doing sunday brunch, but serves dinner 7 nights.

      2. I really like Waterman Grill and Red Stripe...they are both on the East side.

        1. We had a party of 4 and all enjoyed our brunch at CAV. Surprised it's not been mentioned. Food was good and ambiance interesting.

          1. Waterman Grille is one of my favorite restaurants in Providence. It is on the East Side overlooking the Seekonk River. I love sitting on the enclosed porch looking out at the river occasionally getting a glimpse of the Brown University crew team. The brunch menu offers a variety of well-prepared dishes ranging from breakfast omelets to lunch lobster mac and cheese.


            North is a small funky restaurant with a funky menu tucked away on a side street parallel to Broadway on Providence's West Side. I enjoyed a late Sunday afternoon brunch (noon to 5 pm) there several weeks ago. Loved the Tiny Ham Biscuits and Buckwheat noodles.


            1. I"m fairly certain North has cancelled/suspended brunch for the time being.

              Julian's is probably my favorite brunch in Providence, but the Grange is great as well and many of the other restaurants mentioned here will do just fine. Tazza has a solid brunch as well. The atmosphere at first glance might strike you as pretentious but the service is anything but.


              1. i second Modern Diner! it's not the fanciest place--can be a little tight--but the food is delicious. there's a lot of choice, so something for everyone. and the space is cool, if you're into historic diners!


                1. Just wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone for their suggestions and also the time you took posting them.

                  We ended up having brunch at Waterman Grille on Sunday, and really enjoyed it. Our reservations (conveniently made online) were for 11:45 ... we arrived a bit early and were promptly greeted and seated at a table in the indoor dining room along the windows adjoining the waterside 'deck'. The weather had been rainy earlier in the morning but it had cleared up considerably and there were in fact some folks dining outdoors. Our waitress did a fine job bringing us our beverages & menus along with taking our order. The food arrived hot & delicious from the kitchen in a timely fashion while we were enjoying our drinks and the basket of warm rolls. I had the Waterman Eggs Benedict and my wife selected the Scrambled Eggs with Bacon. Both plates included roasted potatoes and fresh fruit as part of the entree. Even though the restaurant was fairly busy, and in fact I heard someone mention that there was a private function going on downstairs, we never felt rushed or uncomfortable while dining in a leisurely manner. The service was first-rate, the river view through the windows was quite pleasant, the ambience was clean and classy without being overly fussy or pretentious, the prices were reasonable, and the portion sizes were just right too. Needless to say we were quite pleased with our choice for brunch which was exactly what we were looking for to help celebrate a special occasion (anniversary) while on vacation.

                  Once again, thanks very much for the detailed and on-target suggestions :-)