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Aug 31, 2013 05:10 PM

Help dining in the boonies at junction of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio

We are staying very close to where these three Italian regions meet. We are looking for dining out (probably more lunch than dinner if it is farther away) and places to shop for dinner ingredients and wine. We will have a car and willing to drive for a good meal. Looking for the real local authentic kind of food and not fancy international restaurants. Thanks.

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  1. It might be helpful to use the search feature of this board and search for towns such as Montalcino, Pienza & Montepulciano in southern Tuscany and Orvieto & Perugia in northern Umbria.

    A look in the Slow Food Guide to the Osterias of Italy might be helpful as well.

    The good news is I doubt you will have to worry about coming across and "fancy international restaurants" in that part of Italy!

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      No, but you will certainly find "non-fancy" international restaurants in Perugia, opened by former foreign students there.

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        Perugia? not a lot, a couple of kebab places, some bad Chinese. International food never succeeds in Umbria. Sad for us residents, but surely not a problem for those of you who wishes to try the many wonderful local foods.

        By the way, I guess you will not be far from Citta di Castello. We love Pappa e Ciccia there. It's a tiny place and very popular, make sure to book. The cook and owner is a woman who has traveled the world on cruise ships. While she cookes fabulous local fare, she loves to talk about her travels when the service is finished. That's the closest you can ge to an international experience in our side of the culinary world :)

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        I will try the recommended searches. Thanks.

      3. in Acquapendente we have had wonderful meals over the years at Al Pugnalone (I prefer the simpler Osteria, but both the Ristorante and the Osteria are good) and Il Ristorante “dall’Aldina.” If the weather is cooler, sit by the roaring fire and make sure you order the cacio e pere ravioli.

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          What would be the difference (more or less) between the two?

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            The ristorante Al Pugnalone is more formal/creative. I only ever have a (very delicious) steak and craft beer at the Osteria.

            If I could only chose one, I would pick the restaurant at the Albergo Toscano.

            Also, there is a small alimentari just off the main piazza (don't know the name of the street) that sells a fantastic selection of local herb mixes (and good cold meats and cheeses/wines etc.)

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              We will be in the area (10-15 minutes away) for a couple weeks, so I assume we may well try both probably a few times. Thanks again.

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                Could that be the Alimentari Daniela/Danliele?


          2. I had all sorts of interesting meals on the Tuscany side of things. Full report here...

            If I have to pick one however, I would choose this one...