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Aug 31, 2013 04:39 PM

Bar stools @ Union Square Cafe, NYC

If anyone can tell me the brand - and preferably model - of the Union Square Cafe's current bar stools, I would really appreciate it. Having sat on them many times, I find them perfect and want to buy some for myself. They are much more tested by me than a few minutes in a store! I've asked them several times and have given up on getting a response. Maybe one of you has done better.
Thank you!

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  1. Here's a picture. They're really not anything special IMO:

    1. I was going to tell you to ask, but I see you've done that. Who have you asked? A manager? Have you tried sending an e-mail through their web site? Have you tried any of the restaurant barstool/chair places down on Bowery?

      I will be sitting in one of those barstools tomorrow having lunch. Will see if I can find out anything for you.

      1. Thank you both. I agree they are nothing special to look at, not my style in fact. However, seat-tested, on my seat, at least, they are outstanding.

        Ttoommy, I asked several different people, not sure of their roles other than bartender, but have concluded that I, at least, won't get an answer. If you get one, I would love to know. Otherwise, may ask my designer, who probably has "ways of asking".

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          Sorry, didn't get a chance to ask today. I will say they are very much like the two we bought down on Bowery over ten years ago. We picked out the style, but brought our own fabric and they uphostered them for us. I don't remember the name of the store though.

        2. You need to talk to their main office. I can't imagine Danny Meyer's folks wouldn't be happy to help you out with that. It's not like the bartenders are briefed on who manufactures the furniture, so i don't think they're trying to obfuscate. Just phone them.

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