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Aug 31, 2013 04:34 PM

whole wheat flour gone bad????

Okay, I know I should store whole wheat flour in the refrigerator. But I didn't and we have had some hot periods this summer. The last loaf of bread I baked tasted sour. I attributed that to the cottage cheese I used in the bread, which was just on the edge of going sour. I just cut into a second loaf, made with the same whole wheat flour but with fresh cottage cheese that tasted wonderful, and it still tastes sour. Do you think it could be whole wheat flour gone bad?

Thanks, all.

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  1. Definitely, it's happened to me. It goes rancid.

    1. Most likely. Whole wheat flour has a much shorter shelf life than AP. This happened to me not long ago too, so I either get it in bulk or keep it in the freezer/fridge.

      1. Smell the raw flour. Does it smell like oil gone bad? If so, it has gone rancid. WW flour is not very stable since it hasn't been processed as much. It can also "gather" the smells around it, so sometimes the flour has not gone rancid but just doesn't taste good anymore.

        Yea. You know about the fridge.... I don't generally bother in the winter since my pantry is cool, but the summer is a different story. If I have planned well, I have very little extra flour in the pantry when we are headed into Summer. This year, it actually all went into the freezer.

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            whole wheat can have a bitter taste. have you tried white whole wheat now more commonly available? made from white wheat instead of red. i like it better though i still mix about half ap flour.

          2. Rancid is rancid. It draws bugs, tastes bad, smells bad, and is bad for you. Throw it out.
            Fresh, on the other hand, is wonderful! Fresh ground flour placed in a plastic bag and quickly frozen will retain its freshness indefinately.
            If you know someone with a flour grinder it is worth a premium price to obtain this freshness. Take it directly from the grinder to the freezer.