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Aug 31, 2013 03:09 PM

is there anyplace in the SGV that does a decent pasta with mentaiko?

i could make it myself at 1/3 the cost, but the thought of even boiling water for pasta in this heat makes me flinch. i may settle for the cold noodle at shen yang.

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  1. There are places that make dry noodles with 烏魚子 (or Taiwanese mullet roe), but not metaiko that I know of.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      i'm willing to try that in the future, so recommendations on that would be appreciated.

      i was down in the south day friday afternoon for lunch and went to gaja moc for the pancake (whose name in japanese i would butcher in the spelling) and saw one of the staff eating a plate of pasta which i was told had been sauced with mentaiko. i've mixed mentaiko with a little mayonnaise into rice and topped it with nori, but even with the awareness of bottarga (sp?) with pasta, it had never occurred to me to use mentaiko in the same way.

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        Dai Ho has it when they have 烏魚子 from Taiwan in stock.

        Cafe Fusion in Arcadia has it sometimes as well.

    2. Not SGV, but Marugame Monzo on 1st in little tokyo (next to Daikokuya) has an outstanding mentaiko and squid butter udon.

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        At MM it's more than "decent" ...


      2. Close to SGV in Little Tokyo, I believe Marugame Monzo has a Udon in mentaiko cream sauce that is delicious (though I'm a bigger fan of the uni and carbonara). Udons are a great and fitting vessel for the sauce, which has slight hints of seafood/fishiness (in a good sense) and is overall on the saltier/briny side (uni and carbonara are in my opinion more balanced due to their richness). Served during lunch as well as dinner.

        Edit: mrgreenbeenz beat me to it

        1. A little late to the party here, but Kiyosuzu in Arcadia has Mentai Udon made with a mentaiko cream sauce. Delicious, if a bit rich. something like $8 or $9, so quite reasonable.

          1. Have you tried Curry House? Their pastas at the WLA location are decent. I am fond of their Kinoko & Kaiware pasta.

            They have outlets in Monterey Park and Puente Hills.