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Copper cookware vs All Clad Copper Core Cookware

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I've been seeing copper cookware (Mauviel) on several flash sale sites lately (Gilt, Rue La La) and have wondered what is so great about copper cookware. Is it worth the hype and price?

What about All Clad's Copper Cookware? Just as good as Mauviel? Any suggestions on whether it is worth it to get the 2.5 mm Mauviel?

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  1. Hi, jbm:

    The Mauviel 2.5mm is several orders of magnitude better than A-C copper core. The only reasons to prefer the latter would be: (a) you want SS full cladding for looks and/or convenience; or (b) you want to cook on induction without a converter disk.

    One of the reasons is that (with the exception of the 0.2mm lining), the Mauviel is *all* (2.3mm) copper, whereas the A-C has a much thinner layer of copper AND they sneak in two layers of aluminum. So with A-C you get 0.41mm of SS inside and outside, and Al-Cu-Al. By the time you do the math and weigh the pans, there isn't a lot of copper in the A-C. That pretty band you see on the A-C is bent upwards, and deceptively makes the copper layer appear to be thick--it's not.

    IME, the thickest copper anyone puts into fully clad is Demeyere, in its Atlantis line, and that's only 2mm.


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      Hi kaleokahu:
      Do you know what is the thickness of copper for a all clad cookware

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        Sorry, I don't, but it's thin. We know this for three reasons: (1) A-C won't say; (2) there's nearly a full mm of SS, and the pan is not all that thick overall; and (3) the core is not all copper--it's Al-Cu-Al. As I wrote above, that band you see around the edge is deceptive.

        Someone with CC... Please measure the total bottom thickness, so we'll at least know the Al-Cu-Al thickness.


    2. Good copperware is fine if you are an exacting cook and want instant heat response. There is a lot of maintenance and upkeep. The exterior takes burnt on grease stains easily, but you can deal with them if you want a pristine pan. The things I prefer from copper pans are fish, veal, and quick sauces, which might be more error prone in All Clad.

      1. As Kaleo says, they are not comparable. I got CC to replace earlier AC because it has a pouring lip. CC *might* be slightly more responsive than earlier AC---or that could be wishful thinking---but nowhere near as responsive as 2.5mm copper. Now that D5 is available with a pouring lip, not sure that I would spend the money on CC. (para) Note that Mauviel does not have a pouring lip. Bourgeat and Falk do. (para) However, not every dish needs maximum responsiveness, and convenience is not always negligible. Besides easier maintenence and dishwasher safe, AC has a stay-cool handle, while the cast iron handle on Bourgeat will heat up enough to hurt if you grab it without a towel or potholder. So I will frequently reach for AC for non-exacting tasks. But I love Bourgeat for sautéing or reductions.

        1. I recently posted a discussion asking for advice choosing a type of cookware for my parents. I have read a lot of your posts about different nrams and just discovered this one pertaining to Baumalu.

          My basic question is what brands of all ply cookware would you recommend? I've looked into Berghoff, Cristel, WMF, etc. Also Tramontino and several Italian makes.

          As for copper I've looked into Mauviel, etc.

          Basically what brands would you not recommend and are there any small companies that are not well known, but still good?

          I can't wait for your responses.

          Sorry to be such a novice.