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Aug 31, 2013 12:58 PM

Asian salad dressing

Years ago (about 5-6) I made this salad dressing from a low carb cookbook. Since then, I've gotten rid of the cookbook & haven't made this dressing. We loved it and I have no idea why I quit making it. I recently remembered it, and now I can't remember all the ingredients or amounts. Can y'all help?

Rice vinegar
Lemon juice
Sesame oil
Sambal Olek
Black pepper

Do you think there's anything else in this?

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  1. I'd probably sub lime for the lemon .and add more garlic and ginger.

    1. Our base is vegetable oil, then rice vinegar, some sugar and a bit of sesame oil.

      1. Usually soy sauce is involved....
        I use rice vinegar instead of the lemon since are both acids

        1. there must be some sort of neutral oil (like grapeseed or maybe peanut), since a small dab of sesame oil is all you need for a big sesame taste