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Aug 31, 2013 11:50 AM
Discussion is blocked

One of the most useful Mexico City Restaurant review and listing sites, has been blocked by as a supposed "phishing" site. That seems to be nonsense to me. OpenDNS provides a feedback comment form, but I fear to fill it out, for *it* may be a phishing site!

Anyone know a way around this? I hate to muck around with my DNS settings, as I don't want to mess up my internet connection.


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  1. Not blocked for me. I just opened it on my iMac using Chrome. Maybe try a different browser?

    1. I changed my settings to OpenDNS and didn't have a problem accessing QC. It looks like OpenDNS uses as their source and they're not showing it as a suspicious domain right now. Maybe the domain got flagged briefly and now they're clear. Or could it have been a typo?

      If it's still a problem you could access it through a proxy. This site links to a large number of free proxy servers:

      Basically just pick one and enter the QC URL. The proxy server accesses the site on your behalf, thus bypassing OpenDNS.

      1. Yesterday (I haven't read any reports today) YouTube was blocked where you live. Today it's

        Soul Vole and I are both in the DF, I believe, and the website works for both of us. IMHO, it's about your server and not about the websites. You might want to ask others in your area.


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        1. re: cristina

          Thank you. I'm sure it's because I have OpenDNS settings in my Network Preferences. I'll try ProxyFree and see what happens.

          It works! A little slow, but I can access now.
          No problem accessing the site on my iPod Touch,even without a proxy server.

        2. Just FYI, the site is unblocked again.