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Aug 31, 2013 11:32 AM

Village Wok goes downhill

Went to Village Wok for lunch yesterday. Smelled like the back of Dragonstar or Shuang Hur. In a bad way.

The service was friendly and prompt, but the food (Iron Hot Beef, Chicken Satay, Won Ton Soup, Veggies in Black Bean Sauce) was uniformly lack luster and the place seriously needs a cleaning.

There are many better options. This is sad.

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  1. Too bad. VW's consistency over the years had always been a nice surprise.

    1. I'm going to have to agree with the OP here as well. My last two times have been disappointing, after years and years of consistently great. I'm going to try them again now that school is back in session and see if any of the regular cooks are back, but it will be a big bummer if this doesn't rebound. Always one of my favorites.

      1. I agree. I work around the corner and stopped there for lunch not too long ago. Just not good. It used to be so fabulous. And yes, a good cleaning would help (but that is true for the Big 10 next door, too.)

        1. Say it isn't so! I always felt they excelled in the late night special department. Any recent reports from that time of day?

          1. Unfortunate.

            Many years ago, Village Wok taught me to love Asian food and, arguably, set my feet on the "Path of the Chowhound".

            Have not been in years, but have fond memories...especially of the multi-lingual specials spelled out on construction paper taped to the walls.

            (Hope I am remembering the right place!)