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Aug 31, 2013 10:50 AM

My first visit to Calcutta Curry House. Brand new in New Rochelle

I've been watching the progress of Calcutta Curry House for some weeks now. It opened recently and I stopped in yesterday for a light lunch. I would have eaten in, but the AC had just gone out. Bad luck for this family owned spot. (Nice space, though , and gracious, eager-to-please people.)

From 12- to 3 p.m. they offer the "Lunch Box To Go". I got the meat box with lamb keema curry. The container was almost overflowing with super-tender chunks of lamb in sauce, rice pilaf, "vegetable of the day" (carrots) small green salad, a little container of onion chutney, and two triangles of nan. I asked for some mango chutney, which is extra $ on the menu, but they didn't charge me. Everything was very flavorful. This is a smallish meal, but plenty for me. $6.95, except weekends when it's a dollar more.

There are 4 kinds of lunch boxes: meat, vegetable, tandoori and seafood. There's an extensive menu for this title place, they serve beer and more lassi flavors than I've ever encountered.

I can't speak to "authenticity", but I know what I like . I'll definitely go back and also recommend it around town. The location isn't ideal for visibility and they don't have a website. Next time some kind of vindaloo!

This site shows their menu:
1 Huguenot St.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Just their beverage list alone is great. And the rest of the menu has to be the largest and most varied I've seen at an Indian restaurant.

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      I'll be interested in your impression if and when you go. I've had only one small sample. And yes, that menu is insane!

    2. The original comment has been removed