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Aug 31, 2013 10:44 AM

What's your favorite skin?

Is it chicken? Turkey? Pork maybe? How about salmon or some other fish? Perhaps, um, beef?

Personally, I think a perfectly roasted, cracklin' Peking duck skin that's nicely glazed and a bit charred is my favorite. Followed closely by Fuji apple skin (yes, just the skin).


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  1. Pork, from a slow roast, real crisp please.

    1. I'd say ultra crispy chicken skin is my favorite. I prefer bone-in/skin-on breasts. Whether I bake/roast or grill, will pull skin off when it's done. Then I put in large non-stick skillet, under weight (bacon presses work fine) and just let it go on VERY low flame til brittle crispy.... a cook's treat!!

      1. Second your duck skin rec. On the other end of the scale of texture and source, yuba.

        1. Chocolate pudding skins: long live George Costanza!
          Or was that Kramer?

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            1. re: greygarious

              When my parents made pudding for me, I always uncovered one so that I would have a skin to peel and eat.

              1. re: greygarious

                Yes! I love the skin from chocolate pudding too! And also the skin from Thanksgiving gravy! I'm sooooo wicked! '-)

              2. I can't choose a favorite in this category; I like every skin I have tasted. Chicken, turkey, duck, goose, pig, fish, potato, pudding, citrus. I never pare sweet fruit (mmm...pear skins, or the fun contrast between a fuzzy peach skin and the soft interior), and wouldn't bother peeling tomatoes for, say, gazpacho, as I love the resulting texture of a tomato purée made with skins included. The skin in canned salmon? Yes on that, too.

                But: beef skin? I've never thought about it specifically before and have never had any. The Wiki tells me that Argentina uses beef for chicharrón; does anybody have experience with that? I'd definitely want some if it were available to me.