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Aug 31, 2013 10:15 AM

Honeymoon in Miami

As part of our honeymoon we're travelling to SoBe for a week at the end of September. We want to catch some good music, food and drinks. We're proper British foodies and will eat anything, especially if it's a local dish. We would be grateful if people could give us some recommendations for music, food and drinks whilst we are there. Also happy hour recommendations too. We're staying at the bottom end of South Beach. Thanks for you time. Dan

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  1. You are at the tail end of Miami Spice and should take advantage. All the restaurants except the specific lunch places.

    You should get miami spice dinner or lunch at milos -- regular dinner is very expensive...

    I would eat lunch at my ceviche (takeout mostly, but you can sit down and eat at the hostel next door)

    Other lunch spots are
    Puerto Sagua
    El Chalan

    Other dinner choices
    Tongue and Cheek (I have never been but heard mostly good things)
    PB Steak
    Restaurant Michael Schwartz (I have never been but heard mostly good things)
    The Dutch

    Smith and Wollensky is a great place for happy hour near you. Pb Steak and Macchialina have great food deals during happy hour (they are less great now though because of spice menu alternative).