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Aug 31, 2013 09:32 AM

Soy House, Bellingham

There's a new Soy House coming to the corner of Holly and Champion. Drove by last night and did a double take. The old building where Boss Tweed Catering (and defunct seafood restaurant) seems to be either demolished and replaced, or completely reno'd. New building is quite modern looking with panoramic windows that you can easily look thru from the outside. Looks to me they're about 85% complete. This would add a new dimension to downtown eating, not to mention the "Asian" scene.

Can't wait. Laurachow maybe you can TOFTT :-)

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  1. They've been working on it for months. It is a remodel. Excited for them; just hope they can keep both locations busy and profitable because we don't want them to close their Bakerview location!!

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    1. re: laurachow

      Hmm I obviously missed it recently. Let us know when they're open. We tend not to hang out at the north end of town.

      1. re: laurachow

        I saw the mention of the new spot when I was there for dinner the other night. Wondered if they were moving or planning on keeping both locations. From your post it sounds like the latter.

        1. re: L.Nightshade

          Given the downtown location's "poshness", seems to me they're doing pretty well. If that's the case, it'd make good business sense to keep Bakerview location too to serve the north end.

          Imagine that ...... possibly a B'ham-based restaurant chain some day. Haven't had that since, Bob's Burgers and Brew ?

      2. I am PUMPED. I work downtown and I know I'll be looking for excuses to go out to lunch when I should be eating leftovers! They are saying they open on the 9th.

        I'm not saying they make transcendental food, and it's no cheap pho joint, but damn it is nice to eat somewhere 1) spotlessly clean, 2) awesome at keeping the truly gluten free safe, 3) uses real ingredients respectfully.

        I am tickled pink for them that they can make a second location happen. Gotta admit - this southsider avoids driving to Little Canada more and more. ;)

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          We'll be down next week or week after, so if opportunity permits we'll check them out too (we've not eaten at the Bakerview location).

          Fat Pie Pizza on Harris (Fairhaven) still not open yet. No updates on their FB page nor website.