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Aug 31, 2013 06:57 AM

Andy & Sons or Cardona's Market in Albany

Hi, was searching for italian delis in Albany so we can stop next week to grab lunch on the way home from Clifton Park - which one should we go to? Or is there another place even better?

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  1. You're working your way south from Roma's Latham, I guess. Have you tried Genoa Imports, in Loudonville? That's the first Italian deli between Roma's and Andy's, and very good. In any case, Andy's and Cardona's are both old-time businesses; more hot food at Cardona's, I think, great sandwiches from both. Incidentally, there's a new Italian deli near exit 12 in Malta, a branch of Pellegrino's, so far very good sandwiches and a small selection of hot dishes, plus ice cream. Worth a try.

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      We are going back to Dutchess county - should we go to Roma's instead?

    2. Btw, a lesser-known place you would probably like is Via Fresca, an Italian deli on Western Ave. (1666 Western Ave.) Really excellent panini, a big selection of hot dishes, sandwiches, desserts. Doesn't get a lot of attention here, but certainly the best Italian panini in town. .

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        Great thanks! Husband loves paninis!

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          It's a pretty good block of Western Ave. A pretty good Jewish deli, Nosh, is on the other side of the street.

      2. So where did you end up? How was it?

        PS Roma's sandwiches get a lot of love, not my favorites. I prefer Roma Foods for Harissa, etc. Halfmoon Sandwich Shop in Clifton Park/Halfmoon (I-87/Northway Exit 8A) is very good.

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          I like halfmoon but went there once a month on our trips so was getting kind of bored. Went to Via Fresca - husband got a fresh mozz panini that he liked but was super oily prob from pesto and a little hard to eat. I tried the chicken parm - it was ok - husband had the other half for dinner ans liked it. I bought mac salad too but it wasn't flavorful so ended up not eating.....they have a nice shop though and a lot of variety. Lunch would always be nicer if we could eat in but we go to take our two dogs to our vet so we have to stay with them. I will try Cardonas or Andy's in October.

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            Y'know, the Great American BBQ, on Rt 9, s of Saratoga Springs, has a dog-friendly area with picnic tables. It's not an Italian deli, but it is a good place to eat with dogs. Different bbq styles from around the bbq nation, brisket, chicken, salmon, pulled pork. Open year round for takeout or eat-in, but the dog area is obviously only useful in the warmer months.

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              Thanks for the report. The messy, mozzarella panini sounds really good. I may have to check Via Fresca out when I'm in that area.

              If it's not too far for you, The Iron Roost in Ballston Spa has take out. Their menu has a waffle theme. The chicken salad sandwich (wrapped in a thin waffle) is very good.