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Aug 31, 2013 06:52 AM

Jean Georges

After reading many (too many!) blogs, posts, reviews, I have decided to take my wife to JG for our one year anniversary in October.

I'm going to be making a reservation soon, and was trying to find recommendations for seating at the restaurant (formal dining room). I've read that the "alcove seats" are no longer nice, because they are blocked by another table, and that the "corner room seats" get a lot of traffic from the servers, since they are by the service stations.

I'm looking for a low-traffic area, away from the door, where we aren't sitting on top of someone else's lap. Not sure if there is much of a view looking out the window, but maybe a window seat would be nice? I read in a blog somewhere that the best table is #3, but I have no way of knowing which table that is, and if that is even true. Thanks so much!!

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  1. I've never heard of being able to select your table like an airline flight. I guess you're planning on making a request? I'd let them guide you, in that case, and let them know it's a special visit.

    The corner seats are preferable to the tables in between which are the only ones I would make sure to avoid.

    If you have a large enough party, the center tables are really the only way to avoid intrusive moments from the service.

    I think Nougatine is laid out better, truthfully. It makes for a more calming dining experience.

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    1. re: sugartoof

      Thanks! Yeah, I guess I can let them guide me - just say it's a special occasion, and see where they put us.

      Do you happen to know if they serve 2 course lunch on Sunday? I've found some sites online that say it only has lunch Monday-Saturday, and others say it's closed Sunday, although the website says open for dinner (but nothing about lunch). I just want to make sure we end up in the formal dining room!

      1. re: bryant2108

        Sounds like it's time for a phone call to find out openings & hours on the particular day you want to be there. When you reserve, not only tell them that's it's a special occasion, but also that you'd like to be out of the flow of traffic, because some people like to be in the middle of things for people-watching. Have a great time - JG is a restaurant I alway enjoy.

        1. re: Jane A.

          It's a small room, so hard not to feel like you're in the middle of things, but they must have a place they stick celebrities.

        2. re: bryant2108

          Jean George's serves lunch daily. It used to be only Monday through Saturday. They only added Sunday a little while ago. The web sites you're looking at are probably out of date. The only site I trust is OpenTable--I was able to see availability for next Sunday at lunch just now. And their profile on OT says:

          Hours of Operation: Lunch: Monday - Sunday 11:45am - 2:30pm
          Dinner: Monday - Thursday, 5:30pm - 11pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 5:00pm - 11pm

          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks - yeah, it must have been an old site.

            Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!