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Aug 31, 2013 02:16 AM

Food in today's Guardian

Today's Travel section is devoted to food matters.

There are regional write-ups from folk who know what's what - the likes of Mitch Tonks and Frances Atkins, with Mary-Ellen McTeague doing for the north west. Assuming the other write-ups are as "on the money" as Mary-Ellen's then the articles should be reliable tips.

Another page on good restaurants with their own accommodation. Another on food festivals - including the very excellent one at Ludlow (13-15/9). And, finally, a couple of pages on cookery courses - I quite fancy the pork pie and piccallli one just down the road from me in Buxton.

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  1. Excellent I will have to try and buy a hard copy. I notice Marina adds her voice to the Casse Croute love-in today.

    Although I'm never quite sure whether pork pies are like laws and sausages - best not to find out how they are made.

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      Mrs H has had a stab at making a proper pork pie. And it was pretty good - not as good as a Dickinson & Morris, but none too shabby. I think most recipes call for shoulders so there isnt anything iffy in them.

      Sausages are surely a different thing. One of the brothers in law worked at a butchers when he was a lad. Put him off sausages completely.

    2. We were at the food festival in Ludlow last year. Wonderful festival featuring west country produce. Just be careful with the apple ciders. So good but some of them are practically lethal!

      1. The Guardian is surprisingly good on something as right wing as enjoying food. I particularly like Felicity Cloake's articles comparing well known chefs' versions of a dish. An example:

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          I agree. Love those articles. They make you realise how imprecise the recipes can be and also takes a lot of the time of from your own trial and error!