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Aug 31, 2013 02:12 AM

Questions about dining around Ballsbridge (Dublin) and Samphire at the Waterside House in Donabate


I'm working on a 5-night stay in Dublin the 3rd week in September. I'll be all over town sightseeing during the day and will be eating lunches in some Chowhound recommended restaurants, but for the evenings I am wondering if there are any enjoyable possibilities within 20 minute walking distance of my hotel (near the intersection Northumberland Road and Mount Street Lower).

I am considering Ely's Wine Bar and Ely's Gastro Pub, the Lobster Pot, and Roly's Bistro. Any opinions on these?

Is Koishi an option for really good sushi?

Any great place I'm missing? (Will be skipping Italian.) If there really are no acceptable dining options near our hotel we will head elsewhere and use taxis, but would really appreciate knowing if there are good options right nearby.

I am also wondering if Samphire restaurant at the Waterside House hotel in Donabate is worth a special trip for dinner when it comes to exquisite seafood. Otherwise, it appears much easier to visit Howth and eat in one of the better restaurants there.

Thanks again!

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  1. Hi. You can walk from your hotel to most places in the city in 20 minutes, and that area is safe (as safe as any city can be) at night.
    Ely and Rolys are both quite good. I haven't tried the others you mentioned. Samphire is new to me, so thanks for that! Enjoy your trip.

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      If we eat dinner at Locks, do you think it is ok to take the long walk back to our hotel along the Canal, or is that too isolated at night? We are tall people who don't dress flash, but we prefer not to take chances locals wouldn't take in cities we don't know since a cab ride wouldn't break us.

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        You should be fine walking back from Locks

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          Great! Thanks very much. Hope the weather favors it.