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Aug 31, 2013 12:46 AM

Corn-syrup substitute for chocolate glaze (for chocolate tart)?

Hello dear people—

I would love to know if you know of a replacement for corn syrup for the chocolate ganache used to glaze a chocolate tart. I'd really like to have that glossy look the glaze gives, but don't want to buy corn-syrup since I don't use it much. Is the corn-syrup for shine or viscosity? Would honey work instead?

Incidentally, if anyone has a favorite recipe for the chocolate filling inside the tart, I'd love to see it. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to making a mouse and chilling it in the pre-baked shell (per Thomas Keller's recipe in Bouchon) rather than baking the filling in the shell, like a custard?


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  1. Butter gives a shine also

    1. Have you tried agave nectar? I haven't tried it in a ganache, but have successfully used it to substitute for corn syrup in some other recipes, including pecan pie. However, corn syrup will last for a really long time, so I usually keep a bottle around for the few times a year when I need it.

      1. Inverted sugar can be substituted for the Corn Syrup.
        It is easy to make and well documented on that there Web.