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Aug 30, 2013 11:15 PM

I bought a box of peaches from Costco, 11 for $11. First time buyer, tips?

Like when can I expect them to be ready? They're not "soft" but not rock hard either.. I imagine they'll all be ready at the same time and I'll have way too many eat. Maybe I should plan to make pie when they're ready or something... Should I be putting some into paper bags now?

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  1. Baking: peach pie, peach cobbler, peach tarte, whatever.

    If they're still hard this time of year they were picked green and stored in cold storage for quite some time. I wouldn't expect them to ripen well.

    1. You'll probably have to look elsewhere for ripe Ontario peaches. Costco usually brings in hard varieties from the west, or even further in off season. They always look good, but can't compare with local peaches, now nearly finished for this year.

      1. I find the large peaches from Costco never going soft or very fragrant. They can yield somewhat to pressure but that can take a good week under the sun or in a paper bags. I think the white peach is more flavourful than the yellow and it can be softer.

        You can the peaches for fruit leather, cobbler, souffle, and pie. I think the flavour will come out better if you bake/cook it

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          Last year when the peaches were at their best I put some whole ones in a zip lock and froze them. I was very sceptical but they were perfect in cobblers with whatever fresh berry was in season. Will definitely be doing again this year.

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            They will not develop more sugar, and they may go from hard to rotten when your back is turned. Slice them in half and pry out the pits, then boil them, skin on, hard as they are, in simple syrup just enough to cover(equal parts sugar and water, adn if you have a bit of wine leftover from last night, in it goes too!) for a few minutes until barely cooked (NOT until tender, as they will continue to soften as they cool in the syrup).

            The fruit will be yummy as a dessert on its own, or on top of cake, oatmeal, or ice cream, and the syrup will be.... peachy! Freeze it to enliven something in January.

        2. I keep end-of-the-season peaches in the fridge, where they last for a long time in the drawer. I dice one up each morning to add to my oatmeal. When they're cooked in the heat of the cereal, they turn soft and flavorful.

          1. Keep the bill and packaging so that you can give them back easily, Costco however doesn't make it hard.