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Aug 30, 2013 10:24 PM

Recommendation for grocery store fish sticks

I enjoy fish sticks from time to time but I have often been dissapointed by the poor quality of a couple brands. Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. There is actually a chowhound topic on this, but not surprisingly most of the responses are from the US. (Remember, they are called "fish fingers" in the UK). I don't know whether the praised Costco fishsticks are found in Canadian Costo stores.

    Another praised High Liner, but the ones made with a specific fish, such as cod or haddock. Those are available at the supermarket chains here.

    I've had good ones in Europe (not that European brands are necessarily better, there are some seriously crap ones too) but can't remember any fish sticks I've enjoyed here in recent memory. I loved them when I was little, but then, I've always loved fish.

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      I just bought the costco fishsticks here in the US. I'm hoping they are as good as the ones I had when I was young. I loved them back then. They just were simply better! And I can't find anything like them here.

    2. I've always gone for Birds Eye fish fingers, always go for the cod ones not the value range. Not sure if they're available in Canada.
      Don't have them that often but do love a fish finger sandwich. Has to be on a soft white floury bap. With mayo, anchovies, capers and

      1. I'm not a big Trader Joe's fan but their fish sticks are really good.

        1. Fish sticks are generally made from large blocks of a frozen fish, sometimes cod, mostly pollock.. Meat type saws are used to create these sticks. The residue(sawdust/fishdust) is
          collect and extruded into fish sticks. Make sure to stay away from these minced fishsticks!!!