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Aug 30, 2013 05:51 PM

BEND OREGON to PORTLAND and points in between (by way of Mt Hood)

So Portland has its own CH board - but BEND is pretty old tips and since I know NOTHING of the area and am still planning a route


We are adventurous CH's - so bring it on!

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  1. On Mt Hood while Timberline Lodge is a must, the dining is not so great. Instead go to Government Camp and try Ice Axe Grill which is part of Mt Hood Brewing. They won Portland's chowder blind tasting challenge this year. Or at least they were my favorite anyway.
    Have fun. Please report back and pass on the knowledge.

    1. In Bend we like Spork for lunch or dinner (it is a restaurant now, not a food cart). We thought the BBQ at Baldy's was pretty good (I would eat there again if I wanted BBQ).

        1. Bumping - our trip is getting closer !
          Staying at the OXFORD hotel in Bend when we are there - so whats a not to miss in walking distance?

          1. If you are starting in Bend, it's only 3-4 hrs to Portland. I'd pay more attention to the natural sights along the way than the dining options.

            The area immediately north of Bend (Redmond, Madras) is basically farm/ranch country. US26 drops down to the river and passes through the Warm Springs Reservation. Then it climbs to the south flank of Mt Hood, where food offerings mostly appeal to skiers and hikers. There's some sort of resort on the Reservation, and a Lodge on Mt Hood, plus a little community of Government Camp.

            So most of your food choices will be close to Bend, or Portland itself. If you are going to take more time to sight-see I'd suggest getting some picnic stuff in Bend, and enjoy a lunch with a view of the mountain or a lake.