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Aug 30, 2013 05:51 PM

Burnt Ends

Anybody got recommendation for GREAT burnt ends in NJ (north, south, east or west)? I mean...GREAT burnt ends.

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  1. I'm still looking for any burnt ends in NJ. Good luck in your quest for GREAT ones.

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      1. re: coldsolderjoint

        We ate at Jersey Shore BBQ the other night, good stuff. The smoked pork belly appetizer was very good.
        I had some burnt ends as well, but I have no other point of reference

        1. re: coldsolderjoint

          That was going to be my rec as well!
          And isn't Dinosaur BBQ open in Newark now? If so you might check there...

          1. re: Curlz

            Dinosaur does not do Burnt Ends. i was hoping Fink's did but nope. I think "Creamfinger" had it right by saying it's tough to find any Burnt Ends in NJ. What's with that??

            1. re: Curlz

              I haven't been to the Dinosaur BBQ's Newark location, but I don't recall burnt ends being on the menu at their restaurant in Brooklyn.

        2. Don't flame me*, but...

          FWIW, I did have these and I found them to be quite tasty. Asked for a sample first, but they couldn't/wouldn't provide one.
          Of course, I have nothing to compare them to, either. But, if you're desperate...

          *pun not intended

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          1. re: MarlboroMan

            I did see that but chose to ignore, for now, because of the "meh" reviews this franchise place gets for it's overall food. But if pickins remain slim I might give them a try. My fav was at RUB in NYC but, sadly, they have closed.

              1. re: Curlz

                Oh yeah....closed after the "Super Storm." First someone crashed a stolen Hummer into the place (I sheet u not) and before they could fix it up the storm further damaged it and they couldn't afford all the repairs. BIG loss in NYC BBQ.

          2. This is not to answer the OP, as these are in no way GREAT, but, strictly for informational purposes, Famous Dave's now serves burnt ends. And the truth is, they are not bad. My homemade ones are much better and I don't even think mine are GREAT, but they are there.

            *LMAO* I just saw MarlboroMan's post - forget I said anything.

            1. Went to Famous Dave's yesterday. Wow that place is busy. Anyway....Burnt Ends were just ok. If in the area I would have them again but I wouldn't drive more than 20 minutes for them. Gotta keep looking.

              1. I think Mason Jar in Mahwah, NJ calls their bbq 'burnt ends'. Sadly, cannot recommend it.