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Aug 30, 2013 05:15 PM

.Grilled Lobster

What restaurants do grilled lobster? It's easy enough to find them steamed, but I like them grilled. Thanks

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  1. Photo of the grilled lobster at "The Lobster" in Santa Monica can be seen here:

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      looks like the one i had, very tasty. they also do grilled maine lobsters.

    2. Connie and Teds in West Holywood will grill a lobster

      1. According to a recent la times article, Jar serves it. I would call first,as it may not be offered every night.

          1. I saw the following from the most recent Wine House posting:

            First Course
Lobster Bisque 
Crème Fraiche
NV Jansz Sparkling Rose (AUS


            Second Course
Heirloom Tomato Salad
Watermelon, Frisée, 
Fresh Herbs, Arugula, 
Balsamic Reduction

            2012 Chateau de Roquefort "Grele" Rose (FR)

            Third Course
Steamed or Grilled 1 ¼ lb Maine Lobster

            Corn on the Cob, Roasted Red Potatoes, 
Drawn Butter
2010 Ferguson Crest Viognier, Santa Barbara County (CA)
            $39 per person plus tax & gratuity
$18 Wine Pairing available, 2 ½ oz. glass per course

            *Add second Lobster to Third Course for only $15
            NO Substitutions. While supplies last.

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            1. re: FallingLeaves

              Upstairs2 served my family the poorest excuse for a meal a few years ago such that I will never do business with it again. (I had been there previously for professional gatherings where food an wine were served and had no complaints.)

              So, it's Thanksgiving. We have a reservation for 12 or 14. We arrive at the appropriate time and wait a short while for a table. As it is a family gathering, we have people in their 90's and someone 5 and all ages in between.

              After our wait, we are escorted to a long table, not in the regular dining room, that backs up to a wall, effectively trapping the people in the middle on the wall side.

              we wait, we schmooze, and then we wait some more. The servers are very nice, although it is clear that they have been hired for the event and aren't regularly employed there. Again, they a re very nice and ultimately apologetic for things over which they had no control.

              Ultimately, the food begins to come out, slowly. I can hardly believe what I see and have trouble containing myself as I do have a hot steak when it comes to what I want my family (not all of whom I like) to be served. This sounds unbelievable, but it is true - they had run out of food and served us the leftovers of other diners' meals. The turkey was served plated (no sign of a bird anywhere) and in shreds. The portions were miniscule - no surprise - and of whatever they could scrape off of the other diners' carcasses. Not one palate contained a normal portion of carved turkey breast.

              It was the same with the rest of the food. Tiny bowls of gravy, random vegetables... I questioned why they did not go to a store and purchase gravy, and side dishes, so ate least there would be some even if they weren't cooked on site; similarly, the manger or owner should have been on the phone with everyone he or she knew soliciting turkey.

              It was embarrassing to the wait staff and it was embarrassing to me to be put in the position of accepting what they proffered as acceptable food and trying to make the family happy.

              My uncle, who had arranged the dinner, didn't say much and I don't recall the restaurant acknowledging the problem despite its obviousness. In short, the whole thing was offensive. Miscalculations happen, but the restaurant's utter failure to communicate with us and apologize was beyond the pale.

              As I said, I will never visit Upstairs2 again, and when people I know are planning events there I feel compelled to describe my experience and suggest they go elsewhere.