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Aug 30, 2013 03:24 PM

First time in Paris

I'll be spending a week in Paris this November, my first trip. We will be staying smack in the middle of the 7th arrondissment on Rue de Champ de Mars, but hope to travel around the City.

I've searched the boards and will continue to, but I would love to find some quick tips on Chowhounding must-eats in Paris. There seem to be plenty of guides for great pastries, so I assume that will be easy, but I'd also like to find:

Amazing cheese shops.
At least one splurge dinner (not much more than 300 Euro per person)
Casual dining that are must tries.
Anything else great

Open to all food, but obviously looking for distinctly Parisian recs. We love cheese, foie gras, traditional and modern preparations, etc.

Many thanks.

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  1. Your hotel is right across the street from one of Paris' best cheese shops - literally.

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      I didn't mention the hotel, but to what cheese shop are you referring?

    2. Amazing cheese shops: iike boulangeries/patisseries, there are good ones in just about every neighborhood, then there are the 'famous names'. A few of those: near where you are at is Marie-Anne Cantin, Androuet (numerous branches), Laurent Dubois (5e, 15e), Quatrehomme and Barthelemy (both 7e), Alleosse (17e). If you like a tasting, have lunch at Salon du Fromage Hisada on r. de Richelieu. For one stop food browsing, the department stores such as Bon Marche and Galeries Lafayette are worth your time.
      As least one splurge dinner (not much more than 300e per person): that budget will be enough for the just about all the top restaurants in Paris, at least for the food part. Increase it a little more for a good bottle of wine, a glass of champagne to start, etc. All the top-restaurants in Paris are worth going to. It comes down to a personal choice on the type of food and ambience.
      Phrases like 'must tries' and 'anything else great', 'casual dining' usually get mute responses from many of the regulars on this board because there is no such thing, or so broad of a topic or been written, rewritten and regurgitated. This is especially true recently because of the summer tourist deluge on Paris. My advice is to search this board for tons of earlier posts and be more specific on what you are looking for.
      Below is a link to a recent post that might be helpful.

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        Thanks so much! The linked post is exactly what I was looking for.

      2. This may be folly, but we're asked this question so much that rather than repeat my list let me throw this out:
        FAQ: Where do I eat during my week in Paris?

        I’ll suggest places in several different categories.

        Best meal period.
        6, rue Bailleul in the 1st (Metro: Louvre-Rivoli)
        Open for dinner Tuesday-Saturday, lunch Wednesday-Friday
        Lunches now 44, 6-course dinner menu 76 €.

        Typical bistro
        Le Casse Noix
        56, rue de la Fédération in the 15th, (Metro: Bir-Hakeim or Dupleix)
        Closed weekends
        Has a variety of formulas, menu-cartes and specials that run one anywhere from 16 to 35 € for a meal.

        Best of a bad lot of brasseries
        Le Brasserie de l'Isle/ile St. Louis
        55, quai de Bourbon in the 4th (Metro: Cite or Pont-Marie)
        Closed Wednesdays
        A la carte 35-40 E.

        62, ave des Ternes,17th (Metro : Ternes)
        Closed Saturday lunch and Sundays
        A la carte about 50-60 €.

        New and dazzling
        Neva Cuisine
        2 Rue de Berne in the 8th (Metro: Europe)
        Closed Saturday lunch and Sundays
        Lunch menu, 29.50 for 2, 36 E for three courses, a la carte considerably more.

        Classic and classy
        Le Tour d’Argent
        15-17, quai de la Tournelle in the 5th (Metro: Cardinal LeMoine, Maubert-Mutualite)
        Closed Sundays and Mondays
        Lunch menu 65 €, a la carte 200 €.

        French with a twist
        Ze Kitchen Galerie
        4, rue des Grands Augustins, 6th (Metro: Saint Michel)
        T: 01 44 32 00 32
        Closed Saturday lunch and Sundays.
        Menus: 26.50-39 (lunch), 80 (dinner) and a la carte 90 €.

        Old and new
        Le 122: Bistrot d'Hier et Aujourd'hui
        122, rue de Grenelle in the 7th (Metro: Solferino)
        Closed weekends, open for lunch Mondays-Fridays, dinner weekdays except Thursday and has an "afterwork apero-dinatore" from 6:30-10 PM except Thursdays.
        Lunch formula at 16,50, menu-carte at 35 and 20 €.

        On top of Montmartre
        Jeanne B.
        61, rue Lepic in the 18th (Metro: ah... maybe Absesses, better the # 80 or 95 bus)
        Open 7/7
        A la carte 15-35 E.

        Elegant but lively
        Les Jalles
        14, rue des Capucines in the 2nd, (Metro:Madeleine)
        Open 7/7
        Has a 42 E forced choice lunch "menu," and a la carte runs one from 50-75 E.

        Wine bar/bistro a vins
        Les Papilles
        30 rue Gay Lussac, 5th (RER: Luxembourg)
        Closed Sunday and Tuesday and Thursday nights
        Menu 28.50 €.

        1. In addition to Dr. T's fine list, I would add the upscale Cafe Constant; nearby and no reservations needed.

          1. La cigale Recamier, the best souflees sweet and savory, my favorite dining experence ever.