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Aug 30, 2013 01:41 PM

More Alba Advice Needed

Based on the many helpful comments on our own as well as other previous threads, we find more restaurants we'd like to visit than there are mealtimes available. So -- for a Sunday lunch, any thoughts on Il Veglio in Annunziata vs. Il Torre in Cherasco? Sgr. Allende, are you there?

Come to think of it, for that Sunday lunch (as opposed to Saturday's or Monday's lunch) would there be any particular reason to prefer one of the following three over the others -- Il Veglio, Il Centro, and Antica Corona Reale-da Renzo? Or is lunch lunch no matter what day of the week?

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  1. All other things being equal, there are particular reasons for going to one or the other for Sunday lunch.

    Definitely Sunday lunch at Il Centro. It doesn't get much lunch business traffic during the week and the feeling will be much better for Sunday lunch (of course a dinner meal is better yet, but you said you don't want to travel at night). I would go to Da Renzo for Saturday lunch. At restaurants in the countryside in Piemonte (and elsewhere), the long leisurely weekday lunch is, very unfortunately, mainly a thing of the past. It's just not the way business operates anymore, even in Italy. In fact, many places that used to do a thriving lunch business (mainly with businesspeople) do not open.

    Veglio and La Torre are trattorie. You can go during the week and it's the same as any other day. BTW, we've never been to La Torre for lunch, but have no reason to suspect that it's any different from dinner.

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      I attempted to post a thank-you response a few hours ago, but it's never appeared. So once again, thanks for your advice.

      As La Torre is reported (they don't seem to have a Website) to be closed on Mondays, which is our only other day in Alba, looks like we won't get there if we stick with Da Renzo and Il Centro for Saturday and Sunday. I noticed that a couple of years ago you posted that La Torre was "far and away the best trattoria in the area." I realize that I'm way over-analyzing this, but is that still your opinion?

      New thought: I notice that you've never mentioned Il Ciau del Tornavento in Treiso on any thread (at least any I've seen), and I'm wondering why. Care to elaborate?

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        Our favorite trattorie are Da Bardon, La Torre and Veglio. We like them all very much. They are all different from each other, but are all wonderful. Our favorite now is Bardon, but we'd happily go to any of them over and over again, as we have. And as you said, you are way over-analyzing this. If I were you, I'd just relax and go and enjoy all these places, because they are all good.

        I didn't mention Il Ciau del Tornavento because we do not like it and we tell our friends who are tempted to go there to stay away. We don't like the cooking, the menu or the combination of ingredients. Others disagree.

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          @ chowtraveler
          Re another topic about which you had a question. Varigotti is closed on Wednesday. It is open on Tuesdays until the end of September

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            Thanks so much for remembering this. We will be driving down from Alba on Tuesday, October 1. Looks like we'll miss out. If by any chance you learn that the summer hours will still apply during that overlap week, we hope you can take a minute to let us know.

            Meanwhile, we'll try to email again, and also ask our hotel in Alba or in Sestri Levante to try calling. But again, thanks for all your help.