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Aug 30, 2013 01:41 PM

I really want to like Fig, but I just don't.

About every six months, someone suggest Fig for dinner, and I go, thinking THIS will be the time that does it. But it never happens, and it's not just because I find the food to be just fine (nothing to write a post about), but usually because of the bad taste in my mouth that's left there from the surly service.

Every time I've been there, there's been an issue with the check - or a mis-delivered meal - or in the case of the other night, being delivered the incorrect meal. And each time, the server leaves us feeling as though WE did something wrong, not them. In fact, the last time, he thrust the menu in my face to prove his point (odd, since he was incorrect). In this instance, the steak ordered included blue cheese, which was missing. For $46, I'd like what's listed, thank you, and without attitude.

Others have marveled here about the farm to table freshness, or inventive dishes, but all four of us were very "meh" about our dishes. Four of us (Moules, Steak, Meatloaf, Scallops, Onion soup, salads all around), and each of us noted too much salt. It just isn't great and I don't think I can be convinced to go back - feel free to take my vacant seat.

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  1. I'm with you on Fig. I used to eat there 3-4 times a week during happy hour because I live a block away and figured it would be my new kitchen.
    I ate there for several months, tried everything on the menu and finally decided it was more trouble than it was worth.
    The service was consistently surly and slow during happy hour. Even when there was only 3 diners in the room.
    The food was mediocre at best, and IMO not worth paying full price. Ultimately, I decided it wasn't even worth paying half price.
    Ray Garcia is their well regarded chef and I see his employees buying fresh fruits & vegetables each wednesday at the Santa Monica farmers market.
    Nevertheless, it doesn't translate into particularly tasty food

    They do have an excellent selection of cheese and at half price, it's worthwhile. Especially when you pair it with a glass of wine, also half price.

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      when i frequented Fig, i, too, enjoyed Eric's work (the cheese selection) the most.

    2. Not a fan either, but mainly for the atmosphere. I've yet to find a comfortable table there.

      1. It's funny you mention the surly service. I suggested my wife and her 3 girl friends go there for my wife's birthday lunch a couple of years ago.

        They walked in and they sort of wandered around a bit until a waitress saw them and said "Sit anywhere you like." So they sat down at a table that had plates and utensils and napkins.

        The next thing they knew the same person came up and said to them "You can't sit there." From that point on the lunch went downhill (and my wife thought the food was very mediocre). My wife will never go back and my chow cred took a heavy hit that day...

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          My wife will never go back and my chow cred took a heavy hit that day..
          Count yourself lucky if that's all that took a hit! Ruining the wifey's b-day can be pretty I'm told ;-)

        2. Interesting observations. I have read so many posts about Fig and not one has motivated me to go there. The focus often is on the half price meal and the nice selection of cheese. I can't recall much discussion of great or innovative food

          1. That's too bad. I haven't been since taking a girlfriend to lunch there, back when it was still quite new. Can't even recall what we had, but I remember enjoying it and the wine we had. Have never gone for happy hour.

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            1. re: Dirtywextraolives

              if you go back, i believe they still offer the Honig Sauvignon Blanc.
              i recommend it

              1. re: westsidegal

                Now that you mention it, I think that's what I had.....