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Aug 30, 2013 01:40 PM

Eats in St. Louis, MO

Going to St. Louis in October. What are your favorite restaurants in St. Louis? The show we are going to is at the Fabulous Fox Theater on N. Grand Blvd. Any info is helpful. Thank you.

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  1. day of the week? what area are you staying? car or not?

    call ahead to the Fox and ask for a secret passage tour. I worked there during the renovation way back when and there are passages that can take you from the lobby up to the projection booth, around the room, back down through the dressing room stack into the basement, through the screening room and back up to the lobby without ever encountering the public.

    not far from there but across 44 on South Grand I love Pho Grand (for duh Pho but good grilled stuff), Lemongrass (great rolls), Mangia has geared up in the last decade and got serious about their food, South City Diner (good catfish), a gelato place and further across Gravois an even more traditional VN place on the right (I forget the name but they delve into the animal parts that most don't put on the regular menu)

    and if you want a drop dead still-smoky-hard-drinking dive CBGB's is in that stretch. dumb name for STL, but a good place.

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      I believe the CBGB's name is a tribute to a long-ago grungy club on New York's Lower East Side. Closer to the Fox, there are lots of options. Vito's does Italian, The Fountain on Locust is ice cream and sandwiches, Sweetie Pie's for soul food, and...ack, brain freeze...the place right across the street (someone will have the name) for modern American. On the same block as the Fox is the 2nd location of City Diner. All these but the Fountain are walking distance, Reservations at the American place and Vito's are pretty important on nights when the Fox is working.

      1. re: lemons

        it is a tribute to the now gone legendary NYC club, which is why it's a dumb name for South STL (music snob)

        isn't there a new biergarten near the Fox? Urban Chestnut or something? limited menu but the place looks inviting (well OK not on a day like yesterday, but...)

    2. We are going 10/1-10/3, renting a car, staying near the STL airport, maybe 1/2 outside the city. Thank you for the suggestion about the tour at the theater, I would've never known about that.

      1. You should try our BBQ. Pappy's and Bogart's are in the city, Sugarfire is in the county.

        Right across the street from The Fox is a hole in the wall I love to go to before a Fox Show called the Best Steak House. Nothing fancy in fact the epitome of not fancy. Just an experience.

        Pappy's and Bogart's are for daytime. they run out and they are crowded.
        A great restaurant in Clayton is Pastaria. One of my favorites in the city. Farmhause is a great place, a bit more upscale.

        What sort of food are you looking for?


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          Best Steak House brings back ancient memories of when I first moved to St. Louis in 1976 and worked at Powell Symphony Hall, just up the street. This was a regular lunch stop for us. You could get a chopped steak, baked potato, and Texas toast (maybe a salad, too; I can't remember) for around $2. It was a great bargain. That said, don't let the name fool you. This is not the best steak house. If I were only in town for a couple of days, this is not where I'd be packing on the calories.

          Farmhaus (no "e" on the end) is absolutely terrific. Pastaria is also wonderful in its own way but the two couldn't be any more different. The former is an out of the way little spot in the city with fantastic local food, inventively prepared, and served in a rather quirky fashion (plates come out as they are ready). The latter is a big, noisy place that serves great, fresh, very tasty pasta.

          1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

            Im loving these suggestions. We are open for any kind of food, we just like to eat where locals would go.
            My husband loves trying different kinds of rare meats - horse, ostrich, eel, anything out of the ordinary.

          2. Depends on what you are looking for in a restaurant. St Louis has St Louis city and then St Louis County and within St Louis county are different suburbs. So downtown St Louis has great options such as: Robust Wine Bar, Copia, Bridge, then the Central West End has Gringo (great Mexican food), Pi - awesome Pizza, Brassierie by Niche and Taste and a new one called Central Food Hall (I think it is a bunch of different options under one roof). Clayton has a nice downtown and great restaurants such as the Libertine, Pastaria, Half and Half (for breakfast), I Frattelini (awesome Italian) and Bar La Freh (tiny quaint French bistro). Maplewood is a great suburb as well with a cool downtown area and fabulous restaurants: Acero (northern italian), Home Wine Kitchen, and the Bottleworks (brewery - food is OK but beer is excellent). My personal favorites: Niche, Farmhaus, Acero and the Block (steakhouse - I think in CWE and Webster Groves). St Louis has a growing food scene and there are so many different restaurants to choose from - enjoy!

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              One correction--the "quaint French bistro" is Bar Les Freres (which, of course, is a literal translation of I Fratellini--the brothers--which is the name of the same owner's other restaurant, right across the street). Can't beat Niche and Farmhaus.

              1. re: alan

                that makes more sense. I was trying to fit 'La Freh' into my tiny brain and it just wasn't working in any rational way.

                1. re: hill food

                  Yep - I misspelled it. Should have looked it up before I posted. Anyway - hope we can get past that and focus on the food. Bar Les Freres is a wonderful place to have a fabulous sazerac and melt in your mouth Lobster Bisque. I think I spelled everything correctly in this post - but if not, I'm sure someone will correct me.