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Russ & Daughters Cafe?

Just browsing the new SLA applications for September and it looks like an entity DBA Russ & Daughters Cafe has applied for a liquor license at 127 Orchard... Anyone know anything about this?

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    1. ooooh. a friend formerly of Brooklyn and I have been pondering if we could get a MW franchise of theirs.

      1. "Just browsing the new SLA applications ..."
        Bit of light reading?, Up all night and lent out your copy of the tax code?, Hunting for thesis topic in social control of substances?

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          Ha, nothing quite that exciting... They send out a monthly e-mail.

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            LOL, I browse health code violations of restaurants I frequent. I'm nauseous.

        2. That would be next to, or one door down from, Black Tree (131 Orchard).

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            Yeah, I believe there's a pub in between the two, but right now 127 is one of those cheap handbag stores.

          2. This should happen. The sooner, the better.

              1. From today's NYTimes:

                RUSS & DAUGHTERS CAFE

                Niki Russ Federman and her cousin Josh Russ Tupper, of the fourth generation of the family that founded the smoked fish and herring store on the Lower East Side in 1914, plan to open a 65-seat restaurant in February. It will serve all their specialties, including items like blintzes and gefilte fish. “We have wanted to give the community a place for people to come together and sit down to enjoy our food,” Ms. Federman said. “It’s something my father thought about doing years ago, but now the time is right”: 127 Orchard Street (Delancey Street).


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                  "...now the time is right."

                  Honey, the time has ALWAYS been right.

                2. ...and his small heart grew three sizes that day.

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                      Oh, l am SO. THERE.

                      Thanks for the head's up!