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Aug 30, 2013 01:16 PM

Cave Creek recs?

Hi all.
For a little something to do over the weekend, my husband and I have decided to check out Cave Creek for a bit to look around, do some shopping and have a nice dinner. Reviews online for a few places vary quite a bit, so can anyone recommend a place for a nice dinner?
Nothing real lowbrow or too casual, no desire to pick peanut shells out of my shoes after this dinner. Any cuisine is fine.
Thanks for advice!

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  1. And I see below now, there's a Carefree thread. I searched Cave Creek and not Carefree.
    Some great info there. If anyone cares to add anything, please do!
    Or, homeroom monitor, if you want to delete this, please do.

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    1. re: alliegator

      Two faves:

      In Carefree, BInk's Cafe is just right, nice but not fancy. And NOT a C&W or SPorts bar catering to the weekend crowds. Bink's is likely to please most.

      In Cave Creek, Sara's Vegan Raw Academy (r something like that) is actually a great meal if you and your H are feeling adventurous and like salads and Middle Eastern flavors. (bright lemon/garlic dressings, humus, tahina,, eggplant, etc.) Just don't be taken in by the menu with 100 items. On any given day, there are only about a dozen, and Sara will come to your table and TELLyou what you are having!!! Very nice, very offbeat and personal place, but of course, not for everyone.

      1. re: KAYLO

        Also in Cave Creek, open for a year now, is an excellent THAI restaurant called " Z's Asian Fusion." Next door to the Dairy Queen. Ignore the unfortuante name and order any of the THAI dishes on the menu with confidence. Best Thai in Arizona, IMHO.

    2. I'll be in Cave Creek this weekend and I LOVE Harold's Saloon..
      Bink's is great too.

      1. I'll be in Cave Creek later this month and I LOVE Harold's Saloon..
        Bink's is great too.