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Aug 30, 2013 12:48 PM

October visit

My wife and I are coming to New Orleans for a conference in mid-October. Last in NOLA in 2011. Will be staying at the Ritz-Carlton on Canal St. Will not have rental car, but willing to take street car or taxi. Will have time for two dinners out, a Saturday lunch, and a Sunday brunch. We both love seafood, oysters, shrimp, usual New Orleans cuisine. In the past, we have gone to and liked Brigsten's, a place on Magazine near Washington (the name of which escapes me!), and other Chowhound recommended places. Want to avoid tourist places. Thanks for any of your thoughts!

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  1. I just got a good report from a visitor whom I sent to Antoine's Hermes bar for oysters rock and oysters Foch, thence over to Mr B for BBQ Shrimp, then around the corner to Galatoire's to finish it up. Took several hours, of course, but he and his wife had a fabulous time and good a good cross section of stuff.

    1. Have you also dined at Galatoire's? If not, it is "just in the neighborhood," and not to be missed.

      Near-by is G W Fins, which does some nice seafood offerings.

      Again, if you have not done any of the Emeril's restaurants, I would add NOLA, or Emeril's (or Delmonico via streetcar), to the mix.

      In NOLA (the city, and not the restaurant), a John Besh restaurant is almost a "must." I like Restaurant August, and it is but a short walk to the CBD.

      In the FQ, there are quite a few really worthy restaurants, and when you include the CBD, and Warehose District, you more than double that number.

      Good luck, and enjoy,