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Aug 30, 2013 11:53 AM

The Green Room, Greenville, SC


I want to try somewhere new for brunch in GVL (have done Pasarelle, Larkins, Lazy Goat, High Cotton). We have reservations at TGR soon. Any input?

Roost is a buffet so that is out. I have also considered Velo Fellow, Blues Boulevard, Southern Culture. I have a couple btls of pretty decent vino to take so I want somewhere that permits corkage.

Are there any spots I am missing that may have a nice brunch? I am most interested in quality food and service as I am the space itself.

Thank you.

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  1. I've never done brunch at Green Room. I've had a couple of good lunches there (i like their griled shrimp you can add to a salad), but my one dinner there was an expensive, dismal failure. I'm be interested to see how brunch fits into that continuum.

    You can order off the menu at Roost even when they are having their buffet. I wish I would have done that and cut my losses a few weeks ago. We piggishly opted for the buffet, and although it wasn't horrible, there wasn't anything particularly good either.

    Nantucket has brunch. It's only fair. The Bohemian does a really popular brunch. The cooking is variable there...I have had a good burger w/ good , fresh , hot homemade potato chips. I have also had the same dish when it was over done burger w/ cold greasy chips. Eggs can be good or awful.

    Everyday Organic has nice food ( i like a dish they do w/ scrambled eggs, peas, veggies...I forget what it's called), but they are very, VERY slow. Like 45 minutes to get your food slow.

    Leopard Forest in TR makes a nice breakfast bagel ...i get the egg white, cheddar and bacon on everything bagel.

    PLEASE report back if you find a good brunch!

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      We did The Green Room and I would not return. The servers were disinterested, food mediocre, and overall, a big disappointment. We had mussels that had a decent pesto broth...large portion of mussels but two pieces of bread. I asked for more bread and received loaf bread...for $1.50...too humorous to even address. I brought some pretty decent wine (a grand cru White Burgundy and a nice 2001 Napa Cab). I had hoped to find a spot where food & wine could have a great time together...this was not the spot.

      Thank you for your recommendations though...we will try one of those spots next.

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        Arrgh. I'm so sorry to hear that. And people wonder why I hate dining in Greenville. Really? like presliced from the grocery store loaf bread? I think the police would have already arrived before I calmed down. wow.

        I wish I *had* a rec for the sort of brunch that would be wine-worthy at brunch on Sunday in G'ville. Although I do think I would have enjoyed some of that white burg with my bagel.... ;-)

        p.s. - i just stuffed myself w/ a kale smoothie and a rice salad w/ chicken from Tortilla Maria. Greenville's few culinary strengths are on the very casual end. Swamp Rabbit Grocery makes a mean veggie sandwich. Neue Southern just announced their new menu. these are places to go and not be disappointed, imho.

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          Yes, like WonderBread (except this was wheat). I am not a complainer in restaurants, I get too worked up...so I rarely say anything, just go elsewhere next time. We went up to Sip afterward and had a bottle of Sauv Blanc. The setting is pretty nice up there.

          We usually do AVL for brunch...just wanted something different. I am not sure I see the same passion for food in GVL as AVL but I may be way off base with that comment, not living in either place. Swamp Rabbit looks like great fun.

          We did Bacon Bros for lunch Monday. I enjoyed the atmosphere (for a casual spot) and food. We had a nice cured meat plate. The desserts were nice as well (turtle brownie with vanilla ice cream).

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            fyi, this post from Neue Southern on FB in response to someone's question about brunch: "Neue Southern Food Truck We have one on the books for Saturday the 21st! It's in partnership with Stillwater Brewing at Community Tap, so there are exponentially good things that day!"

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              Thanks much. We may check it out next trip to GVL. Sounds exciting.

              As info, we had a great brunch at Bull & Beggar in AVL a few weeks ago, the menu is short but great. I had a potato and kale cake...replete with three bottles of delicious Loire whites.