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Aug 30, 2013 11:37 AM

New Milford Fish Truck RIP

This truck has over the years had the best, freshest fish in the world.

But it's been "off" this summer--scrod of uneven thickness (only rarely is Captain's Cup available), raggedy cut of haddock, the only smoked fish is salmon, never a bluefish--even the whiteboard looks messy.

Today, I stood in line and asked for Captain's Cut scrod and was again told, not available--I finally asked in a friendly way, "what's going on?" And I got my answer.

Tomorrow is their last day. They're going out of business.

What a loss.

I get great shellfish @ Stew Leonard's--($3.99 this weekend!) lobsters and steamers and jumbo shrimp. But it's a hike and a half from us (in Sherman). Maybe they have good fish too--will now give that a try.

But somehow buying fish @ a supermarket doesn't feel right. Need an honest-to-goodness free-standing fishmonger.

Would love other recommendations for fresh fish in the New Milford/Sherman/Danbury area.

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  1. Sue there is a fish truck in Kent