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Aug 30, 2013 11:18 AM

ISO celtuce AKA asparagus lettuce or wosun

Anyone spotted it recently, either in a market or restaurant? I've only noticed it in a produce market on Stockton in Chinatown, and their selection wasn't healthy looking. I haven't had luck in some of the bigger Asian supermarkets in SF.

Here's an external article with background:

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  1. Not sure of the season but I got some at the Civic Center farmer's market a month or so ago.

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    1. re: bigwheel042

      Thanks! Before I realized it was something I'd eaten before outside the Bay Area, I had noticed it at a few more places. I hope the local season hasn't ended-- it's great stuff!

    2. You might email Commis and ask them who they buy it from.

      1. I saw it a few weeks ago in one of the smaller produce shops on Irving. Maybe around 22nd or 23rd Avenue.

        I have not seen it recently at the farmers markets recently, though I haven't been paying super close attention.

        1. Several months ago, maybe last year, we had it at South Legend Sichuan in Milpitas... Quite tasty.

          1. It's perhaps too early for this, but has this ever been spotted at a restaurant this year?