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Aug 30, 2013 11:09 AM

SGV: Any Shaved Snow standouts aside from the usual suspects?

Full disclosure, I'm looking at doing a piece on the better places and want to check here to see if anyone has any suggestions for really good, unique or under the radar places. You know, beyond the big 3 or 4.

CH will be credited for any place that makes it that I've managed to overlook.

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  1. I'm pretty "meat & potatoes" when it comes to shaved snow. My usual rotation:

    - Class 302 (at the risk of ruining my chances at getting a table there: The Cerritos location is now better than the Rowland Heights location)

    - SinBaLa

    - Pa Pa Walk (mango only)

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    1. re: J.L.

      Pa Pa Walk still does mango spectacularly. Mmmm...

      I had to bypass Class 302 my first couple of attempts, but, oddly, I've managed to slip right in on the last couple of visits. But, yeah, the waits can really be something at RH, even if it's well worth it.

      1. re: JThur01

        The Cerritos Class 302 location is better in terms of wait time and quality of the snow and food in general.

    2. I really like I-Sweet.

      Cafe Haus is pretty good too, but too far of a trek for me (it's in DB) unless I also do a fried rice run at Sate House.

      1. i don't even know what the usual suspects are nowdays. the only place i usually went to 20 years ago was shau may, either on san gabriel near las tunas, or the one near garfield and valley.

        1. Woops, just bumped an old thread on shaved ice... What is the difference, if any, between shaved ice & shaved snow?

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          1. re: indigirl

            The texture is different, and many of them are flavored in some way. Condensed milk (or some kind of milk/flavoring) is added and it gives it a much fluffier texture than shaved ice (which is really just a block of ice shaved down).

            if you haven't tried it, JL's post has some of the better ones. Class 302 and Pa Pa Walk are both good. ID Cha house has a more barebones one.

            When I first tried it in taiwan (known as "snowflake ice", my mind was blown. I was so glad to see 626 places picking up the trend afterwards. I still strongly prefer it over the normal shaved ice.

            1. re: indigirl

              As my cousin says:

              It's tastes so good, there's gotta be some cocaine mixed into that shaved snow...