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Live and Freshly Killed Chickens at King Poultry & Produce in San Francisco Chinatown

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Thanks to little big al’s tip http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9104... , on Tuesday morning I found the time to stop by the new poultry shop on Broadway (@ Powell) in Chinatown. It’s spic-and-span with a small display of fresh produce, a self-serve cold case I didn’t investigate, giant bags of rice, a windowed room with live chickens in cages, and a meat case with a limited amount of dressed birds of display.

At 9am, there were three different kinds of whole chickens (with heads and feet) neatly packed in open end clear plastic bags in the refrigerated case, including black skinned silkies, priced per bird rather than by the pound. They’re $10 to $12 each, which is the going rate for Chinese heritage breeds. My language skills weren’t up to the task of finding out many details for when and where the birds are slaughtered. I asked the friendly counter man whether the birds were killed that day and he nodded. He handed me one of the dressed birds that was sitting on the stainless steel back counter ready to go into the refrigerated case. It was warmer to the touch than room temperature and soft of flesh and skin, presumably because it had been sacrificed and dressed shortly beforehand.

I bought one of the black silkies, $10, to make soup. This was thoroughly chilled coming out of the case, but had not gone into rigor. The plastic bag had no condensation or liquid seepage from a water bath. The bird had a fresh aroma with no off odors. It also looked to be bigger than the ones I buy at the Chinese supermarkets for $10 to $12. I weighed it at home. Packed without giblets, it was three pounds and three ounces vs. the usual two and a half pounders. The bird was blemish free with very few pin feathers.

This looks to be my new poultry supplier in Chinatown. I asked for parts, and the only thing besides whole birds for sale seems to be giblets. Ducks were listed on the sheet. I didn’t take photos of the interior or the price sheet, not wanting to alarm the shopkeeper, but I hope others can fill us in on the inventory.

King Poultry and Produce
758 Broadway
San Francisco, CA

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  1. Thanks for the post Melanie. Look forward to trying this place out on Sat. morning.

    Any idea what the other breeds were, apart from the Silkies?


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      The types of white skinned chickens that you'll see in Chinatown are the standard brown chicken, yellow-haired chicken, wai hong (aka Vikon), and loong kong chicken. I did not see the yellow tufts on the head (the butchers leave them on for ID) of the yellow-haired chicken. I think that one of the types in the case might be loong kong, judging from the elongated legs.

    2. Thanks for posting, I moved from NYC 3 years ago and constantly lamented at the lack of super fresh poultry for medicinal soups, especially the black hens! Can't wait to drop by for the next pot.

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        Please let us know when you try it. Any add'l intelligence on this place would be welcome.