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Aug 30, 2013 10:27 AM

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Old Forester's Birthday Bourbon is set to be released this month. Does anyone know where to find in DC/Maryland/Virginia?

I called a few stores in DC and heard that the rep hasn't been able to get any for two years...


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  1. Washington Wine & Liquor
    12th & E, NW

    they just got a few bottles in (I bought 1, they had at least 2 more). Priced at $65, so ten over retail isn't bad for the district (esp on hard to find stuff). Still the middle of the work day so I haven't tasted it yet

    If you go, not kept with the bourbon. Walk straight back, in the back area w/ high shelves stay in the left lane. They had it lower shelf, right hand side. Hope that helps

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    1. re: mentel

      Thanks so much! I actually was able to score a few bottles from Barrel House Liquor - they special ordered them for me and they came in within a week. Price was also $65.

      1. re: ekells

        well, hope it lives up to expectations. Haven't opened my bottle yet, I just cracked open some of the Elijah Craig barrel proof (2nd release), and it is pretty much as advertised esp. for the price

        Fall is going to be a busy time for bottle hunting!